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2018 ORS Contest Winners are ...


Oh wow, congratulations to all the winners! For some reason I thought the judging was next Wednesday, and I was surprised to see the results already posted.
I'm more surprised and also delighted to win an Honorable Mention prize! I didn't think I had much chance there. Thanks also to all those who donated the prizes. :)
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A bit late as I've been offline a few days. Congrats to all the winners and those who didn't win but entered all the OTHER beautiful entries. So glad I didn't have to judge this!!


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Congratulations to the winners from my holidays (therefore a bit late) and thank you for the honorablemention! Wow, I'm thrilled!


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Love this contest every year. Ken has so many amazing products that make for some inspiring imagery. It's been a treat to see the renders coming in, and getting a feel for the talent and passion being put in to each piece.

I also add my thanks to all involved, from artists, to sponsors, to judges, my partner Lisa, and finally to Ken.

Thank you all, and finally congratulations to the deserving winners.