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2018 ORS Contest Winners are ...


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Congratulations to the 2018 Open Rendering Season Contest Winners!

This years entries were judged by Audubon California.

00 Grand Prize Nighthawks by Satira Capriccio.jpg
Grand Prize - "Nighthawks" by Satira Capriccio


01 First Prize Feed the Birds by Penne's From Heaven.jpg
First Prize - "Feed the Birds" by Penne's From Heaven

Judge's Comments - "The emotion of this image really captured me and also the graphic of the woman is stunning. The dirt and color on her dress and the expression on her face is incredible."


02 Second Prize Odd Man (bird) Out by Trouble.jpg
Second Prize - "Odd Man Out" by Trouble
Judge's Comments - "I loved the use of focus in this image. The birds look very realistic and the blur really creates an beautiful artistic effect."

03 Third Prize Diving by Debbie Smith.jpg
Third Prize - "Diving" by Debbie Smith

HM 01 Macaw by mininessie.jpg
Honorable Mention - "Macaw" by Mininessie
Judge's Comments - "I loved the lighting on this image. Really beautiful. The use of lighting gives the viewer the sense of being in the dense jungle with the bird."

HM 02 Survival by Luannemarie.jpg
Honorable Mention - "Survival" by Luannemarie
Judge's Comments - "This was perhaps the most realistic bird representation in the group. Excellent capture of a realistic movement."

HM 03 Surviving the Garbage Tide by DigitalArt4U.jpg
Honorable Mention - "Surviving the Garbage Tide" by DigitalArt4U
Judge's Comments - "I really appreciated message and thought it was really well done."

HM 04 Gotcha! by Bonnie2001.jpg
Honorable Mention - "Gotcha!" by Bonnie 2001
Judge's Comments - "The water droplets are superb!"


HM 05 North Atlantic Sunset by Varnayrah.jpg
Honorable Mention - "North Atlantic Sunset" by Varnayrah

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors and to all who participated!

Emails with details of prizes will be going out to the winners shortly.



Congrats to all the winners, there were certainly a lot of wonderful renders entered and thanks to all the sponsors and to HiveWire for organizing the competition!


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Congratulations to the winners, well deserved! Thanks also to Ken and HiveWire for yet another chance to test our skills with a competition!

Miss B

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Congratulations to all who participated, and especially to the winners. I was sooooo glad I wasn't one of the judges, as this was a magnificent set of renders to choose from.

I'm going to need to come back in about an hour or so to see if I imagined the Grand Prize winner!
No Satira, you did NOT imagine it!! :D


Congrats to all the prize winners ... most excellent works :flower02:

Thanks to all the sponsors as well ..


What a great surprise! Thank you very much HiveWire and the sponsors and congratulations to everyone they were all great images!


Contributing Artist
Congrats to winners, those were some of my favorites as well.
I am happy I just managed to get an entry in this time, but I will have to up my game next year. :)


Such exciting news!!!!Thankyou so much and congratulations to all the winning entries. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be a judge in this one. Congrats to everyone that entered also because there is so much talent in this group and all entries are winners in my book!!.