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  1. The Wash Day Helpers

    The Wash Day Helpers

  2. Dancing With Myself1

    Dancing With Myself1

  3. Room Service 3

    Room Service 3

    Open Seat
  4. It's Calling

    It's Calling

  5. Fairy Tales Are Born

    Fairy Tales Are Born

  6. AfroditeOhki

    AfroditeOhki's new products at Hivewire3d!

    Hello everyone! I am honored to be part of this lovely place now, and to announce that Luiza for V4, previously at RuntimeDNA, has found a new home here :D You can find her here: Luiza for V4 - An AfroditeOhki Creation at HiveWire 3D
  7. Harsh light

    Harsh light

    V4 with mixed morphs and SAV AlphaGirl skin and SAV Goldy Hair with my shaders.
  8. Wolvine


  9. Morning Walk

    Morning Walk

  10. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Poser IM-Ugly Sweaters for Dynamic Sweater 2017-01-12

    More textures for the Dynamic Sweater Vest for v4/Dawn. Have fun, Christmas is over for last year, but get a jump on next year! Poser Only!!!!
  11. Ready For The Scene

    Ready For The Scene

  12. Confrontation


  13. Archer


  14. Moon And Sun

    Moon And Sun

    SV7 Moon, FK Rapsody hair
  15. Nature Girl (Testing SV7 Lora)

    Nature Girl (Testing SV7 Lora)

    Lora by Seven
  16. Well...


    Kara for V4 by Pixeluna, Shadownet, Ghostman
  17. Spring in city

    Spring in city

    Still experiment with Vanilla Sky
  18. Adapting Vanilla Sky to Superfly

    Adapting Vanilla Sky to Superfly

    Vanilla Sky SSS Face one of Women from Erevan by Zaarin LuaUpdo by 3Dream
  19. Cuir et satin

    Cuir et satin

    En satin, ou en cuir Dans l’excès, tout m’attire La voix haute, la voix rauque D’un extrême à un autre (Francyne Lavoie, René Lapierre, Cassiopée, Karl Leclerc) SAV AlphaGirl as Cassiopée SAV Sissy La Beaux Hair Exnem's Leather Jacket Fabiana's Alondra Gown Mike from Zeddicuss
  20. Hanna