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Morning Walk
There's a squirrel in that there tree~! ;)
A little haunting....well done tho!
I worked and worked and worked to get the lighting and atmosphere just right...I played with fog, I played with the Squirrel, as it is the center of attention for the dog... In the end I had to compromise and put up with the fact I was not going to be happy with this render. I posted it on my face book and lo and behold it has gotten more attention then much of my previous work. Now, I really felt embarrassed and wished I had played with this much longer...lol I like the wheat, I am really happy with the wheat...lol Could there be a lesson here? perhaps instead of always making my renders over the top with emotion and adventure, maybe I sure be a bit more demure, but then the question would be am I a fine artist or an illustrator?

The point is though, I had fun... Thanks Lyne for your kind words and attentions....

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Touch of Real
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