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  1. Ken1171

    RELEASED DUF Prop Converter Python Script for Poser 12

    ~DUF Prop Converter~ Since DSON has stopped working somewhere on late Poser 11 times, I could no longer load props and hair from DAZ Studio 4, and that had become a burden to me, limiting the assets I could use in Poser. So I decided to bite the bullet and research how much work would it to be...
  2. Ken1171

    RELEASED MAT Edit Python Script for Poser 12

    MAT Edit for Poser 12 One of the biggest limitation when editing materials in Poser has always been the fact that we can only select and edit a single material at a time. This is a general materials editor for Poser 12 that allows processing multiple materials, figures and props simultaneously...
  3. Ken1171

    RELEASED SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12

    ~SkinEdit Python Script for Poser 12~ Most figures have lots of material zones, and it can be tiresome to manually edit them one-by-one. Victoria 4 has like 14 just for the skin, and DawnSE has 9 for that as well. This means that if we want to edit just the skin materials on V4, we have to do...
  4. FairyFantastic

    christmas breeze for business pullover

    a set of materials for karths business pullover both in delight and iray hope u enjoyxx ab big thnks to rae for helping test and letting me use images she did i appreciate itxx link to them is here Daz Studio - christmas breeze for business pullover
  5. Faery_Light

    flPastelsforLullyDynamicDress01 2017-03-16

    Four textures in pastel shades for Lully's Dynamic Dress 01 for Dawn. Just in time for Easter and Spring weather when light colors are trending. You may use them in any render, commercial or personal. They are not a Merchant Resource and may not be used as such. For Poser only as it is a...
  6. DigiDotz

    Poser 9 materials and other Poser versions

    I've had a kind offer to convert some shoes I made for Daz Studio to Poser, so we can then submit Daz and Poser versions to HW. If I could manage to learn Materials in Poser 9 will they look the same in other versions of Poser? Also if the shoes are rigged in a later version than Poser 9 will I...
  7. D

    Poser & DS Holiday Gift Bags 2016-12-18

    I am re-realeasing these for Christmas: A set of Christmas themed textures for the RuntimeDNA Halloween Candy Bag from 2013 or the 2013 Disturbia Christmas Gift Bags. While these two candy bags were once free at RuntimeDNA I have no idea what became of them. These textures I previously offered...
  8. Darryl

    Looking for landscape materials for Blender Internal

    Hi folks, I stumbled across a Cycles based landscape material that I've been using with Blender's ANT Landscape add on. It puts a grassy surface on flat areas of the mesh and a rocky surface on the more vertical areas. It's similar I think to how materials are set up in Terradome. I wondered if...