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  1. The Peacock

    The Peacock

  2. Horses Iray

    Horses Iray

    All the Hivewire breeds I have so far (I don't have the unicorn and the first horse is my creation)
  3. Pendraia

    HiveWire Family Welcome Home Challenge WIP Thread

    Edit 2-27-2016: Winners have been chosen: Congratulations to the Welcome Home Contest Winners!! Thanks to all who entered! ******************************************* Join our HiveWire Family "Welcome Home" Render Challenge to celebrate the return of the Hive! Show us how much you missed...
  4. NG Artplay

    Poser Christmas Luna Pose Freebie 2015-12-30

    I created 3 poses for Baby Luna as a Christmas freebie for the community but the forum went down so I'm just now getting these uploaded. The idea for these poses was a child's wonder at Christmas time and the joy on their faces. Sometimes that joy turns to frustration when they want what they...