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  1. VERSUS - Off Duty Outfit

    VERSUS - Off Duty Outfit

    VERSUS - Off Duty dForce outfit for G8F by Anagord
  2. FJ Holden With Lion

    FJ Holden With Lion

    Rendered in Carrara
  3. Beach Dogs

    Beach Dogs

    The HiveWire Big Dog and the Daz Dog 8 (and some custom morphs like the Rotti by me)
  4. Foals


  5. Fly Catching Alien Plant

    Fly Catching Alien Plant

    Modeled & Rendered in Carrara with post in PSE2018
  6. Pendraia

    New Blog at Wordpress

    With my daughter's help (she's doing a marketing/communications degree) I'm trying to set up a more professional presence on the web to help promote my products as they are released. With this in mind...I've just started to set up a blog which can be found here for anyone who is interested. I...
  7. Rae134

    Rae Design's Products now at Renderosity

    :welcome: G'day and thank you for visiting my product thread. I will keep it updated as my products hit the store. Update: with the closure of the HW store, my products can now be found at Renderosity :) Rae_Designs's Store on Renderosity
  8. Zorse And Nymph

    Zorse And Nymph

    Dawn (Sam texture) and Harry (Custom texture I created from Zebra, CWRW and Lynes textures) 3Delight render - 6 hours! (I really need to get a better computer)
  9. The Chase

    The Chase

    Dawn, Harry (with custom coat) and AM Wolf 2 (with LAMH)
  10. Naughty Pony

    Naughty Pony

  11. Lianam

    Liana's WIP Thread :)

    I ma just doing this to show what I am working at any given moment. It could be textures for clothes, meshes props etc), or renders. :)
  12. Bee & Pansies

    Bee & Pansies

  13. Western Shetland II

    Western Shetland II

    Full shot of the Shetland with the Western Tack
  14. Alisa

    RELEASED HiveWire Shetland Pony!!!

    Luna kept asking for a pony, and who wants to disappoint her??? Welcome to the adorable HiveWire Shetland Pony Take this precious creature home with you today :) Requires the HiveWire 3D Horse
  15. Speak to the Hand

    Speak to the Hand

  16. Appy


    I think this was just about the first render with the New Dawn I did. Appy texture is a converted CWRW texture.
  17. The Peacock II

    The Peacock II

  18. I Like Big Butts, I cannot lie

    I Like Big Butts, I cannot lie

  19. A Girl And Her Bot

    A Girl And Her Bot

    Dawn and the new Orbot
  20. The Race

    The Race