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  1. Beware the Cobra!

    Beware the Cobra!

    When you are in Asia :) Lisa'sBotanicals Asiatic Lily, NapalmArsemal textures from JungleHeat: Hissing Cobra. My shaders. Light: HDRI on background node + Sun. Superfly.
  2. Whimsy And Everlasting

    Whimsy And Everlasting

    Lisa'sBotanicals Carnation, my Iray addon (QAV jan 2107)
  3. Flowers On Pale Blue

    Flowers On Pale Blue

    Lisa's Botanicals Carnation, my Iray addon to it (QAV jan 2017)
  4. Digitell

    Texas Bluebonnet

    Is there a flower for sale on here that is the Texas Bluebonnet or something that can pass as one? I have looked and cannot find any bluebonnets anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Happy New Year!
  5. The Catterfly

    The Catterfly

    A bit more fun on the Fantasy side using the HW House Cat. He zips and zooms and FLIES and chases butterflies.
  6. I'm A Leaf In The Wind

    I'm A Leaf In The Wind

    What fun it would be to float on the air currents like a leaf in the wind.
  7. Mischief Makers

    Mischief Makers

  8. A Whisper of Magic

    A Whisper of Magic

    Poor whisper got the rainbow scared right out of him!! What's a unicorn without his Rainbow?
  9. The Elusive Golden Honey Bee

    The Elusive Golden Honey Bee

  10. Autumn Amore

    Autumn Amore

  11. Hummm............. Mid-Morning Snack

    Hummm............. Mid-Morning Snack

  12. This little light of Mine ..... Is gonna shine!

    This little light of Mine ..... Is gonna shine!

  13. Carnations


    This time in SuperFly
  14. One Last Wistful Glance

    One Last Wistful Glance

    I love the wisteria and just wanted to do an image with it. The wisteria in the image are from photos.
  15. NapalmArsenal

    Flower Texture Expansion Sets for Lisa's Botanicals

    Hey guys, I'm finally getting to Lisa's Asian Lilies. I'm sort of going for a jungle/tropical type feel with these using some of the tiger lily mats and lily photos from a few years ago as last years crop was ruined due to all the flooding in the area. I can't wait until Kitty is out!! I will...
  16. Carnation


  17. Roses


    Rose cup by AnimaGemini. My shaders.
  18. Gadget Girl

    Now that lilac's are in bloom . . .

    I ran into some random poetry, which got me back to reading T.S. Eliot, who I love, and I wanted to do some renders based on his poems. The problem, I don't have any lilacs. There don't seem to be any among the lovely botanicals in the store, and best I could find, esha had some at one point on...
  19. NapalmArsenal

    NapalmArsenal's Product Thread

    Welcome to NapalmArsenal's product thread. Please, grab a cup of tea and enjoy some refreshments as you browse through the garden where flowers and fairies abound to tickle your fancy.
  20. Flower Girl

    Flower Girl