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  1. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-10 for Dawn

    ~Body Type-10 for Dawn~ I have been working on this one for a while (Poser+DS). It's the opposite of some of other voluptuous physiques I have done before, more on the skinny and slender side. Here are the 3 views, where you can see the smaller proportions. She is skinny, with small hips and...
  2. Partial Body Morphs G8F

    Partial Body Morphs G8F

    Partial Body Morphs G8F Vol 2 by Anagord
  3. Curvy Body

    Curvy Body

    Curvy Body Morphs for G8F Vol 1 by Anagord
  4. Winterbrose A&G

    The Beginner's Guide to Posing Models in Daz Studio 4

    TBG2 Posing Models in DS4 Are you new to Daz Studio and just can't figure out how to make these awesome figures do anything but stand there with their arms out to the side? Don't throw in the towel just yet. Grab a copy of this tutorial to take you step-by-step from nothing in the viewport to...
  5. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-7 for Dawn

    Body Type-7 for Dawn (Poser and DS) This is a new body sculpt I have been working on for Dawn. She has detailed abs and hips, new breasts shape, slightly longer legs and smaller torso, shapely thighs, smaller buttocks, and slimmer arms. It's an original and completely redesigned shape for Dawn...
  6. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-6 for Dawn

    This is the ultimate fantasy body, and it has gone through several iterations to get the current shape. Basically every time you saw me posting a render with it until now was using a different version of it. Now I am settling for this shape as the final. This is so different from Dawn that...
  7. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-1 for Dawn

    Now that Type-3 is cooking at QAV, I finally got more time to work on Type-1. She is the petite and slender from the bunch. Last night I ended up redoing her bust, hips, buttocks, and neck, which got us to the version below. I have been editing both Poser and DS versions to keep them in sync...
  8. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-3 for Dawn

    This is the upcoming "Type-3" body for Dawn, representing the fuller and more voluptuous body type. If you follow the Dawn renders thread, you have already seen her from the image below. As is was with Type-2, the breast shape and position are completely different from Dawn. I also made the...
  9. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-2 for Dawn

    Many of you have already seen plenty of renders I have done with this custom body sculpt for Dawn. This represents a style I wanted from the very beginning, but nobody was making it, so I gave it a try myself. This custom body sculpt changes the entire body, from shins to neck. It changes...