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  1. Sorajuku


    Sora with Flower Fairy For Dawn outfit.
  2. Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Sora and the HiveWire House Cat, and Tenacity Suit with a little customization.
  3. Ninja


    Saw a similar pic online, a tribute...original drawing by coffee-kizoku Used Genesis and AnimeDoll for G2F
  4. Kitty Sphinx Iray

    Kitty Sphinx Iray

  5. Kitty Sphinx

    Kitty Sphinx

  6. Franky Steinway

    Franky Steinway

  7. Cute N Gothic

    Cute N Gothic

    Part 3 of the Gothic Anime set mix and match characters using Kimberly as a base.
  8. Magical Mayhem

    Magical Mayhem

    Part 2 of the Anime Gothic Set using mix and match morphs and Kimberly as a base.
  9. Little White Dress

    Little White Dress

    Genesis and AD for G2F
  10. Madison


  11. Kitty Girl

    Kitty Girl

    Kitty Dawn texture and HiveWire Horse with Kitty Ponies Tiger texture
  12. Kitty Dawn Face

    Kitty Dawn Face

    A texture I was playing with
  13. Kitty Dawn

    Kitty Dawn

    Playing with a fantasy texture :)