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  1. Gally - Battle Angel Alita

    Gally - Battle Angel Alita

  2. Aya Brea -Parasite Eve 1997-

    Aya Brea -Parasite Eve 1997-

    ....at the Chrysler Building
  3. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

    Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

    Major Motoko Kusanagi and her Tachickoma
  4. Deprived


  5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Updated version my works at https://3dcgx.com
  6. Anime


  7. Rebel Goth

    Rebel Goth

    She is a rebel because she was raised that way...
  8. Original Russian Anime Concept

    Original Russian Anime Concept

    Original Russian anime concept Nikita see back and front full concept at https://3dcgx.com
  9. Mugena


    Mugena from M.U.G.E.N.
  10. Nocturnal illusion

    Nocturnal illusion

    Left abandoned in a forest as a baby, the spirits of the forest kept her alive only lurks in the night. Rendered in Carrara. Base KIOKI A3
  11. The Powerpuff Girls

    The Powerpuff Girls

  12. Ken1171

    RELEASED Universal Chibi Head

    I have started this project in November 2015, and it was something I have always wanted to have - a universal chibi head! "Chibi" is a Japanese Anime/manga style often used to turn regular character into a cute child version. With the Universal Chibi Head (UCH), you will be able to...
  13. Sakura


  14. ibr_remote

    Creating Anime Stylisation for Dusk

    Hi, just so I don't go developing for the wrong version, what's the difference between Dusk and DuskSE , please? I plan on stylising him into an Anime male. For folks who are not familiar with the genre, here are some examples: ときめきレストラン☆☆☆ キャラクター|うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪公式Webサイト あんさんぶるスターズ! (these are...
  15. Deecey

    Deecey's Hivewire Products

    Deecey has arrived at the Hive with five products created in collaboration with Nerd3D! Maisie is a cute and sassy toon female with full Poser 11 feature support Store Page: Maisie - Weight Mapped Toon Female for Poser Hex for Maisie ... Maisie's in the Shell! Store Page: Hex for Maisie...
  16. Bedtime


    I hadn't posted in a while, as I usually just post on DA these days...but still using AD4G2F (or G3F, or Genesis, or V34 or whatever body work the best ;) )
  17. Alisa

    RELEASED Sora's Tenacity Twin Tails!

    Get yours now, and have a hurricane of fun !!! Sora's Tenacity Twin Tails - A HiveWire 3D Creation by Christopher Creek Art and CG Cubed We've put you in control of the hurricane of tendrils that make up each of the Tenacity Twin Tails. With a myriad of control dials to match any fiery pose...
  18. On the Defensive

    On the Defensive

    I'm not into Anime, but love Sora!
  19. Festival of Falling Leaves

    Festival of Falling Leaves

    Slayer Kit Textures, Sora and the HiveWire House Cat and Tenacity Suit
  20. Sorajuku Close Up

    Sorajuku Close Up

    Doing some custom eye textures.