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Super Sparrow Model Sheet
Super Sparrow Data Card

2 37.5mm Auto-Cannons Fixed Forward
Variable Wing Mounted Ordinance - Typically:
6 Phoenix MKIX Aerospace Missiles
4 2.75inch Unguided Rocket Pods


One Pilot


The AF9 Super Sparrow Aerospace Superiority Fighter first entered service during the Binary Wars. The Super Sparrow was designed to fit the need for combat craft that could fight in an atmosphere and in space, as well as being able to re-enter a planetary atmosphere from orbit. The Super Sparrow lacked sufficient power to achieve orbit under it's own power without special equipment. While not quite as aerodynamic as conventional aircraft, the Super Sparrow's significant thrust and maneuvering verniers compensated. The Super Sparrow could easily hold it's own in a dogfight against more conventional aerodynes, and filled the much needed roll of a space superiority craft for the growing engagements between larger space craft. As Battle Satellites that were AI controlled became increasingly unreliable, and even a threat to their own C&C ships due to the corruption caused by "the Signal", Manned fighters became increasingly necessary. While many ships did have Warpods converted from MMU Pods, these had much more limited range and striking power than a fighter. The primary mission role in mind for the Super Sparrow was as an interceptor and long range strike fighter, intended to close on capital ships and engage and disable their battle satellites. Additionally the ability to enter an atmosphere and engage planetary defenses and ground targets was a consideration. Throughout the design process their was a focus on keeping it small enough for larger numbers to be based on carriers and bases. It's twin 37.5mm gatling cannons are it's primary air to air armament - capable of delivering a devastating volume of fire on a target. Typically these cannons fire High Energy Depleted Uranium Core Transonic rounds, easily capable of punching through even some of the thickest and most durable of armors when focused on a target. The Super Sparrow will also typically carry a number of self guiding, hypersonic Air to Air missiles to intercept enemy fighters or battle satellites, as well as dumb fire rockets for engaging stations or ground targets. The skin of the Super Sparrow is a Ferro-ceramic alloy with exceptional heat characteristics to aid in Atmospheric entry - though really no more or less sturdy than other craft in it's weight class.

The AF 09 Super Sparrow entered production and first saw deployment in the early years of the Binary Wars. After its deployment the Super Sparrow become one of the premiere Aerospace Superiority fighters adopted into military service. It has served with distinction across countless engagements and campaigns. Despite newer generations of fighters, even successive evolutions of the Sparrow itself coming into service, the Super Sparrow still remains in active service across not only the E.O.C. fleet, but countless planetary militias. Though official production has long ago ceased, there are estimated to be thousands of Super Sparrows still warehoused and mothballed, ready to be pressed into service as needed, and s stockpile of spare parts that could last for another century.

CREDITS: Davorama (a.k.a Davo, Beyondbent, Powerfusion3D, PoserFusion3D), All the great Kitbashers who have posted images of assemblies with Davo's sets that inspired me.
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