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Snowfall At Midnight

Jan 17 11:45 PM with Samsung_flash I was impressed with the camera and results. Not a work of art but impressive (c) Robert Chenoweth, 2018, All rights reserved.

Snowfall At Midnight
robert952, Jan 18, 2018
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    • Red Eagle
      A very nice photo. The white light of the street lamp reflecting of the snow covered trees is awesome. What type of camera did you use?
    • robert952

      Camera: Samsung S5 cell phone with flash (because I forgot to turn it off from last time I needed fill light - so happy accident for the foreground a bit). I've been amazed at the quality for my point and shoot family shots and such as these. Also, the advantage that the snow had stopped falling.

      And, I agree a lot of help from the reflective snow. Issue with the LEDs is the quick fall off. The house across the street from me (a pan of about a 45 degree to the left) is in almost total darkness even with the snow.
    • robert952
      Thanks for all the likes...
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    Jan 18, 2018
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