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  1. Abadoned Village

    Abadoned Village

    Feel a bit inspired with the HW Deer's. Love this animals. Village my own.
  2. Shepperds Village

    Shepperds Village

    My old Village which I hope I finish soon. Inspired by old paintings.
  3. Ruins Of A Forgotten Time

    Ruins Of A Forgotten Time

    Ruins of a Forgotten Time by JeffersonAF
  4. Classic Pumps

    Classic Pumps

    Classic Pumps for G8F by WildDesigns
  5. HiveWire Mule Deer Buck By Rae134

    HiveWire Mule Deer Buck By Rae134

    HiveWire Mule Deer Buck rendered in Superfly
  6. The Great Lake

    The Great Lake

    The Great Lake by JeffersonAF
  7. Desolate And Dead Land

    Desolate And Dead Land

    Desolate & Dead Land by Gendragon3D & JeffersonAF
  8. Between The Forest

    Between The Forest

    Between the Forest
  9. Edited Rabbit In Field

    Edited Rabbit In Field

    About my 4th attempt with FlowScape
  10. Fairy Gorge-sm

    Fairy Gorge-sm

    Painted in PD Howler Fairy Gorge, Ireland I've been working on this one off and on all summer, finished it last night finally. Still some things I'm not quite pleased with, but if I work on it more at this point, I'll just ruin it.
  11. Shoreline-sm


    Teaser for upcoming background set Oceans Vol 2
  12. The Wall

    The Wall

    Long ago a wall was built to separate the two parts of the city. Very few remember why the wall was built centuries ago, but what was once built to keep apart, has over time become a bridge to bring the separate parts together.
  13. River DOF

    River DOF

    A perfect place to picnic beside a lazy river.
  14. The 3 Great Waters

    The 3 Great Waters

    A rocky basin holds the waters of three great lakes. The blight blue waters like blue topaz in a verdigris setting.
  15. Rainbows After Rain

    Rainbows After Rain

  16. Above The Oasis

    Above The Oasis

    A jewel of the Desert, hidden in the rocks.
  17. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue

    A Mysterious Desert
  18. Evening Tree

    Evening Tree

    Painted in PDHowler
  19. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    IMArts Landscape Freebies - Painterly 2018-03-02

    20 Backgrounds suitable for painterly projects. These images are smaller than those available in my store. Further information is available at the download site.
  20. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    IMArts Landscape Freebies - Realistic 2018-03-02

    2 0 Background Mattes. More information is available at the download site. These are smaller images than the ones available at my store.