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  1. Fashion Simplicity

    Fashion Simplicity

    Fashion Simplicity G3/G8 by ArtOfDreams
  2. Queen Of The Dark

    Queen Of The Dark

  3. Don't Bother Us, Human

    Don't Bother Us, Human

  4. Night Garden

    Night Garden

  5. False Bats

    False Bats

    AM's new Vampire Bat, False Vampire Bat morph
  6. Snowfall At Midnight

    Snowfall At Midnight

    Jan 17 11:45 PM with Samsung_flash I was impressed with the camera and results. Not a work of art but impressive (c) Robert Chenoweth, 2018, All rights reserved.
  7. Diva is lost in the stars, gazing at the moonset and watching the night sky.

    Diva is lost in the stars, gazing at the moonset and watching the night sky.

  8. Stalking Shadows

    Stalking Shadows

    WIP for NightTime Eyes shaders HW Big Cat in DS/Iray
  9. Night


    Thanks for looking and comments
  10. Midnite Prayer

    Midnite Prayer

  11. Night Unicorn

    Night Unicorn

    HW Horse w/ Unicorn CWRW Mane n Tail 3 One Certain Night Post work in PD Howler 11
  12. FireflyDelight02


  13. Dark Escape

    Dark Escape

    The curtains flew then he appeared, saying don't be afraid, don't fear the reaper
  14. Dressed To Kill

    Dressed To Kill

    This was a promo render for a cover contest on FaceBook (I'm an Admin so I can enter the contest myself). The theme was "Dressed to Kill". I couldn't find an Eskimo/Inuit Parka, so ended up retexuring Wilmaps G2M parka. Turned out pretty good, I thought!
  15. Time To Let Go

    Time To Let Go

  16. Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva for Dawn Amira Skin and Skyla eyes
  17. Hallo-Kitty


  18. Searching The Starry Night

    Searching The Starry Night

  19. seachnasaigh

    Superfly light-casting materials for Dystopia city blocks

    Superfly lightcaster for Dystopia Materials to make Dystopia city blocks self-illuminated when rendered in Poser 11+ Superfly It also has add-on marquee props for block 05 (one set at the tiny scale at which Dystopia loads, and a smart prop which loads with block 05 at Poser people scale):
  20. Dark Unicorn

    Dark Unicorn