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  1. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    I hope she stops by too. Nice lady and good artist.
  2. Linda B

    Linda B Eager

    Ooh Maja's got some nice freebies. I needed stuff for Poser 11 people too.

    Feeling better today. Went to Doc and she changed my meds. Lots of bloodwork to be done. Vampires want my blood!
  3. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Hey Linda glad you're feeling better. I have hiding veins, so know what you mean about the bloodwork...I think they hear the word needle, and start retreating :/

    Maja does beautiful work, like commercial quality stuff. She's uploaded another freebie this afternoon's a velvet dress for Pauline. Even the lighting in her promo pics is nicely done...she really knows what she's doing with superfly renders :)

  4. Linda B

    Linda B Eager

    Had to a little photoshop.

    Herman Punster.jpg
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  5. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    :) Came out well.
  6. Linda B

    Linda B Eager

    Not a political pic, just a caricature. Although I did see Mr. President recently at a rally I took my dad to see.
    Heinald Trump.jpg
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  7. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    Pretty good job there. :)
  8. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Ha! Fred Gwynne from the Munsters :)

    ...a good one for Hein and Doc would be Fester and Lerch...and Cousin It....haha....and Gomez with the poppy eyes.
    Music2u4u already has done a Thing model in a box...on ShareCG :)

    ...and speaking of poppy eyes...Marty Feldman was a trip...haha.

    Hmmm...some fun possibilities :)

    McGyver has some great peculiar props, for unusual themes.

  9. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    I could have turned Kon around and stuck a hat and sunglasses on his head, and would have had Cousin It....never thought of it back at the time this was done :) He'd be fairly easy to do in the hair room...just select the whole body, grow the hairs with an increased length setting, then pull the direction down :)

    KON BAD HAIR large.jpg
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  10. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Even though the Thing model was created for DAZ Studio, stuff in the Runtime folder can be used in Poser. When it loads, the rigged hand appears a trip to the material room would be necessary to apply the flesh texture supplied. I'm not seeing a way to load the hinged box, but it's easy enough to find one of those. If the lighting is set just right, it's possible to do hand shapes on the back wall...which would be interesting animation possibilities :)

    Thing model in a box...on ShareCG

    THING HAND.jpg
  11. DanaTA

    DanaTA Busy Bee

    Cousin It's hair was much longer and smoother, not so frizzy.

  12. DanaTA

    DanaTA Busy Bee

    I think Thing was made by music2u4u. He hasn't been very active in the 3D world lately. he stops into the Car and Bike Lovers' Thread - Mark IV, so you might want to try to contact him there. You might catch him.

  13. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Yeah, It's hair has to be much longer...that's why I phrased it this way "...grow the hairs with an increased length setting, then pull the direction down".

    And we used to see Music2u4u all the time on DAZ forum...and at first he was creating his stuff for Studio...but that far back, at least the hand could be used in Poser. No problem...we enjoy the workarounds :)

  14. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    If anyone struggles with eyestrain as much as I do, there's a free giveaway until the weekend of CareUEyesPro through Shareware On Sale. I always check the website of the software being offered, just to be sure, which in this case is The YouTube video below demonstrates how the utility gives easy access to brighter viewing settings when necessary for close work, and warmer, less bright settings when just doing general surfing or night time viewing. Finally some relief for my eyes :) Anyway, for the next three days the utility will be offered free at the first link above.

  15. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    KON - COUSIN IT.gif

    COUNSIN IT.jpg
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  16. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Poser also has its own collection of rigged hands, in the same general area as the mannequins...they can be found under Additional Figures -> Hands :)

    hands in poser.jpg
  17. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    Good morning. You've been busy. :)
  18. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Hey Terre :) Yeah, just messing around a little :) And keeping an eye on my kitchen workstation....Microsoft dropped a big update, and now it's slow to's just hung on a twirling progress indicator, which I'm not sure is indicating any sort of progress, since it has been doing it since early last night. Windows 10 updates are awful, and all so they can tweak their piddling apps. Wish somebody would drop a piano on their updates o_O Sure hope they haven't trashed my new drive. I immediately paused the updates on my better, bedside workstation where I do most of my work, and that's the way it's going to stay until I see proof that Microsoft is capable of acting responsibly. Oh well, that's why I got the cheaper, surfer Win10 drive for the kitchen, to be the guinea pig, but I just got it tweaked the way I wanted it. So... I just stretched out to rest after I finished Kousin It.

  19. skylab

    skylab Renowned

    Hey Terre, I left a comment for Maja on her download page that we missed seeing her here, and she left this response today:

    "Hi, skylab. You are very welcome as always. I have been very busy during the last 18 month. More input at Hivewire forum as soon as possible."

    According to her response, we may be having Maja stop by soon, so be watching for her, in case she visits during one of my afternoon naps. And I'll say here, in advance, just in case she does stop by, welcome home Maja...we've missed seeing you here :)


  20. Terre

    Terre Distinguished

    Great news on Maja.
    Those updates for apps we'll never use is one of the reasons that we don't have Win 10. Jim is seriously looking at other OS's that are Win compatible when he needs a new computer.

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