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Why is the HiveWire website blocked at work?


Hello guys,

For some strange reason I cannot access HiveWire on the network at work. Any thoughts on why that might be and is there anything I can do about it?

Thank you.


Depends on your IT's policies most likely. Where I (used to) work, they block sites based on specific words that show up in the descriptions or metadata or some such listing. (There was a software for home use called NetNanny, that's what we called the system though I doubt that was what the IT group used.)

Generally, the list includes the obvious 'dirty words' and but also words like nudity, lingerie, XXX and such. (Think NSFW images and sites.) Our IT also blocked specific websites (like Pandora music, Netflix) that add burden to the network traffic due to streaming services. When we attempted to reach any such site we got this huge, in your face, RED BOLD FACE message, 'the site you are attempting to reach violates the company policy... a report has been sent....'

We did have a way to get an exception for sites if we presented specific business use and reasons. Maybe you have such policy if you can justify business use for the site.

As an amusing anecdote: YouTube was blocked until it was pointed out we had business channels there. The first traffic/usage report after they unlocked YouTube showed a slide. The slide graphed 600% jump in the download number in the first month and YouTube identified as the site. On the slide, a circle around the number and a simple comment: "Business use: yeah, right." The next slide highlighted network use policy. (Most of us found that amusing but got the 'we're watching' message.)