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“We are all in this together.” Render Challenge

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Also I wanted to apologize that my first picture wasn't named right. This one I think is?
What was wrong with the naming of your first entry? I didn't notice anything wrong, other than the "02" in the saved image name. Is that what you're referring to? If so, I had removed it from that entry, as well as this one. I assumed you did more than one render so you could choose the one you were most happy with. ;)


Wasn't sure I'd have time for a final entry. Anyway this it, a bit different than the other two. Still, you have expected something like this since you included a zombie in the freebies.

Title: We're coming to get you Barbara

One cold drizzly night three Zombies ALL got TOGETHER to visit their old friend Barbara.

We are all in this together items used:

CG Cubed/Sarsa/Christopher Creek Art - Zombie for Dawn (three times)
CG Cubed/Sarsa/Christopher Creek Art - Zombie for Dawn (3 poses)
Lisa's Botanicals - Creepier Trees (shrunk - used twice)
Napalm Arsenal - Dazzling Denim for Dawn (leotard)

Other items used:

Hivewire - Dawn (three times)
Pusey Designs - Dawn Pants
Pusey Designs - Dawn Bra
String Bikini for Dawn

Done in DAZ3D Studio 4.12 IRAY, postwork in ON1 Effects 2019

Oh, and thanks to Wiz no eye fans! You too Pendraia.


we're coming to get you barbara bybronzedragon.jpg


Well then here goes with my entry:

So What Are YOU staring At?


Item used from those provided:
  • Morgana for Dawn
  • Zombie for Dawn applied to Baby Luna (2 times)
  • Nouvelle Aube studio
  • Creepyer Trees
  • A chair ripped from the Patio set
  • A cushion from Accesoires for Patio set.


Hello my dear HW-Friends,

all Participants here are showing so gorgeous entrys and I love every image. Now I would like to introduce my image - Visit to Granny.
We have so many awesome items in the category and it was difficult to make a decision.
I have chosen the following:

Dazzling Denim for Dawn
Baby Luna's Expressions & Visemes
Nouvelle Aube Studio
Patio Set
Patio Set Accessories

With two Nouvelle Aube Studios I´ve made a little house for Grandma. Her family is visiting her. In these times, the adults wear a mask.
The mask by Dawn is hanging on the ear and Dusk hold his mask in the hand. Only Granny is wearing it correct.

Thanks again to the HW-Team for all the wonderful freebies!

Visit to Granny-by Rieke.jpg


Ok, here Dusk is definitely David Belle, Parkour athlete that you can also see in the movie "Banlieue 13" (he's also in a remake called Brick Mansions that I did not see) ;)


Thanks Wiz,

Tried that but it didn't help. However I found that if I set the Opacity to 0.1 it did work where just zero did not. Very very strange. Anyway, thanks very much for the help, I would not have figured it out without it. Thanks again.
I stumbled in something similar trying to use Dawn and Dusk in Carrara as you can see here in picture 4
Dawn & Dusk in Carrara – Riccardo Corso
So you may want also try this:
set the "Alpha" channel to use an image, then load the file "DawnSELash.jpg", which you will find here:
[Directory with Dawn/Dusk models] --> Runtime --> Textures --> Hivewire 3D --> DawnSE

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Do we post these in our galleries, too? And do you want the list of the other items we used?
You can post them in your own gallery, especially since this render challenge will be closed on the 30th (next Wednesday). As far as listing the other items used, you can always do that in your own gallery, as here in this forum thread, I think Lisa's only interested in the "qualifying" items. I don't list any items used when I upload the images to the Render Challenge gallery for judging.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Dawn and Dusk are getting out together, but it seems the Zombie might get left behind.

I used Morning Dove For Dawn, Rodrigo, and Zombie for Dawn.
OK, just checking, but your render, when I downloaded it for inclusion in the gallery when the render challenge is over, and the judges have made their decisions, was named Zombie Dawn. I just want to make sure that's the full title you want for your entry.