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“We are all in this together.” Render Challenge


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Welcome to our
"We are all in this together."
Community Render Challenge!
Finding our way to walking together through COVID-19 and its impacts on our selves and our world.
Our first Render Challenge re: Covid-19 was all about a compassionate response from the heart. We gave parts of ourselves away to assist others with coping with emotions. With 305 images submitted, we were successful in spreading hope.

Currently, there is so much mis-information, dis-information and division going on in the world. We may find ourselves at odds with people we love and respect. There's a lot of emotional strife in that. Before we get to the point of blowing ourselves and our relationships apart, we must find a way to stand together as human beings.

In the interest of standing together and being supportive to each other, we recognize that we all need to eat and keep a roof over our heads. As such, we are happy to give you more free items to create with. In addition, we have also selected some products we think you will enjoy and have put them on sale at 53% off when using your Reward Points.

Please show us what "We are all in this together." means to you by posting images created using these products in this thread.

Rules & Guidelines:
  • Image must use at least three products from the "We are all in this together." store category
  • Post work is allowed.
  • Signatures are allowed.
  • Post your images to this thread.
  • No more than 3 images per person. (see note below)
  • Submitted images must meet forum guidelines.
    • 1600 x 1600 pixel maximum image dimensions. Images can be any size W or H but cannot exceed 1600 pixels in either direction.
    • 1MB max file size for images
    • 10MB max file size for video
  • The file name for your images must contain the title of the image and your forum name.
    For example: TheTitleOfMyImagebyLisaB.jpg (see note below)
  • You must abide by the HiveWire 3D Terms Of Service.
    • Comedy is welcome.
    • Please keep it family friendly.
  • You agree to the possibility of your images being shared in the HiveWire Weekly Newsletter and/or on social media.
  • You agree to the possibility of your images being included in a slideshow video that will be created by HiveWire 3D and shared on social media.
  • We will be using #WeAreAllInThisTogether on social media and invite you to add the hashtag when sharing images to your own social media.
**Note on 3 Images per person - we had an overwhelming response to the Stay Home - Spread Hope render challenge with over 300 images entered.

***Note on image naming - since we are all in this together ;) it will make it much easier on HW staff and volunteers to have each image named correctly. It takes a huge amount of time to download and rename images to add them to the challenge for judging, galleries and slideshows. If you can each name your images as indicated, we can process them much faster. Our CVBees will be checking your uploaded images for proper naming and will assist you with correcting the file name and replacing the image in your post if necessary.

Categories and Prizes:
  • Judges will be The HiveWire Co-Founders (Chris and Lisa)

Images must be uploaded before midnight, Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 to be considered for prizes.
This render challenge thread will remain open indefinitely. Images may be uploaded after September 30th, however, they will be considered gifts from your heart and will not be eligible for prizes.

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Ok! mine here: Sora,Morgana for Dawn ,Nouvelle aube studio,Rodrigo for Dusk and
CWRW Classic Hats for the HiveWire 3D Cowboy Hat

Title: I miss you, the screen is so cold!


Miss B

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Very nicely done. I never would've thought of using the Nouvelle Aube Studio for that sort of scene. :)