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Songbird Remix's Product Preview Thread


Dances with Bees
HW Honey Bear
Dinoraul's trees are beautiful. But most of them are really slow to render. Still, it looks really good.

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Wrapping up the Grandstand project... here's some Iray renders


  • cafe iray.jpg
    cafe iray.jpg
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  • Camera3-Iray.jpg
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  • Grandstand scale iray.jpg
    Grandstand scale iray.jpg
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  • holding stables with horses.jpg
    holding stables with horses.jpg
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Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
Looks great. But I have a feeling it's a resource hog! Don't know if my machine could handle it.

Yes, it's big but its broken into parts so you don't have to load the whole thing. The actual grandstand has four parts; the structure (fairly polygon light, the seating (polygon heavy), the cafe (moderate) and the front of the building (light). There is also a paddock piece (which is moderate). Of course, the Racetrack set is also broken into parts... so it is possible with some camera work and only loading what you need for the scene to render on a more modestly resourced computer,

Ken Gilliland

HW3D Exclusive Artist
A couple more images... I'll admit the first one (racing) was a huge resource hog. I created it, saved it and then rebooted my machine with as little running as possible to render it. The others were much easier to do because they were in the paddock area so there was no need to load the Racetrack, Starting Gate and all the Seating on the Grandstand.

Next question... where am I finding the Jockey Silks? Way back in 2012 Marieh and SickleYield created them as a support set for my racetrack and racing tack. The snag is they're 11 years old and for the original Genesis. For that first image, I simply had the Genesis 1 models ride the horses. I then decided to try something crazy. I loaded a G8 male and fit the clothing to it... surprising it fit pretty well. The 3DL shaders were the next issue. I went into the Iray presets and applied the Plastic Low Gloss Shader to the clothing. I also brought the dozen textures I had created for the Silks set and add more variety. The 3 other images show those results.

grandstand2 main.jpgholding stable2b.jpgholding stables4.jpgpaddock oval.jpg


One Busy Little Bee
Contributing Artist
Need some low poly billboards or the like to populate the grandstand, though even that would add tons to the image.