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Songbird Remix Product updates for products purchased at DAZ 3D


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LOL, no worries, Robert - happy to do it ;). And yes, serious kudos to Ken for providing free updates to all of these already awesome (and with the updates, even more awesome) products for all who have ever purchased them!!


I went through on 03-Jan-2021 and purchased all of the Songbird Remix products before the store closed. I see there have been several updates lately. Are older sets going to continue to be updated? If so, is there any method to provide proof of purchase here on HiveWire3D, or would I need to repurchase these sets where ever they end up being sold?


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Hi, Elemental - I moved this over to Ken's update thread in case he wants to chime in.

Yes, older sets are going to continue to be updated.

Renderosity is hoping to be able to (and working on now) port HiveWire's customer records over there, so they'd be in your account and you can keep tabs on Ken's threads in the "Show Me the Honey" forum here to find out when they're being updated.

If that fails, I know Ken is planning to have some way to get that to happen at least for his products. Not sure how that would work. If there's something more you need to do, I am sure it'll be posted in this thread :)


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Also FYI:

There are 21 of Ken's products that we were unable to update in our store, which will be at Renderosity when things are transferred. The birds are major revisions, the Natures' Wonders are more changes in file structure to match that of the SBRM products. A few were also changed from the older method of bringing in a base, then applying a file that changes the materials and morphs. They are now all individual critters.

Natures' Wonders:
Ant House
Ant Lines
Bee Swarms & Nests
Bees Vol 1
Damselflies & Dragonflies
Damselflies & Dragonflies Vol 1
Lizards Vol 1
Lizards Vol 2
Lizards Vol 3
Lizards Vol 4
Moths Vol 1
Moths Vol 2
Moths Vol 3

SBRM Corvus Corvus
SBRM Tee 2

Miss B

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Thanks Alisa. Corvus Corvus is the only SBRM item I have, but I have a bunch of the Nature's Wonders in that list.


I didn't even realize Natures' Wonders was Ken, but I just purchased all the items you listed before the store closed. Hopefully they get the method set up soon to get those updated files. :)