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So where are the challenges then ?


Contributing Artist
That could be good... a superhero challenge sounds like a good idea mixed in with the character concept.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I'm liking your idea as well GG. One thing I always liked about Erik/Traveler's render challenges at RDNA all these years, was the little extra "zing" he might put into each of the items he'd set up for the monthly polls. Your suggestion of a Superhero render challenge, but showing defeat instead of victory, is just the kind of thing he'd suggest. I like that idea.

Also, even though Ken's yearly render challenge is over until next year, there's no reason we can't have another one in a few months. I'm sure there are those who didn't feel qualified, or didn't have enough time or resources, to participate in his yearly challenge this time, but who might be willing to participate in one of ours. I know I picked up a whole bunch of stuff in the sale this year that would give me resources to work with I didn't have in past years.

Gadget Girl

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Yes, I always enjoyed the RDNA challenges even though I only ever entered a few. And although I was no where near the Master level, I liked to look at those twists because sometimes it's the limitation that give you great ideas. Also, I think we could definitely use some sort of challenge for Harry. That's one I definitely won't win, because the amazing horse renders I've seen here, are well . . . amazing. But considering there are many people in the community that prefer rendering with Harry than with Dawn or Dusk I think it would only be fair to give him his own challenge too (I know he's included as a figure for the DOF challenge, but like I said, sooner or later he deserves his own challenge).


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So, should we start a thread with Theme Challenge ideas? Or just jot them down here?

I was thinking that a challenge using a Freebie from here would be a cool idea. Everyone has to use that item but could render anything they like.

I also like technical challenges like the DOF one, it pushes you to try something that you might not do otherwise.

Also I don't mind Challenges without prizes as the are challenges not contests.