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The bakery that the warehouse that is our primary supplier gets it's store brand bread items from has made a request of their business partners. Push a higher volume of discretionary items like the bakery's cookie, cracker and pastry lines so they can make enough extra money off of those to be able to keep the price of bread down. The owner of the company I work for agreed with that enough to ask his stores to do so. My boss has his doubts about being able to pull that off but is willing to try and part of the tags I got ready for him today were for a reset for just that purpose. This makes me wonder what similar steps other companies are trying in this vein.


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All too well, as I worked in downtown Manhattan, and was at work that day. :somad:
OMG that's right. You were right there. How close to the twin towers were you? My brother worked in WTC #8 I think - COMEX - but he was on a plane to Chicago that morning.

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IIRC, our office was in a building 4 long blocks (each the length of 2 average blocks) due east of the WTC. I could see the towers, well those parts that were high enough to be higher than some of the buildings on the blocks between us.

Good thing your brother was "out of town", as it were. The wife of one of the partners in our firm was supposed to be at a meeting there that morning, and we were all sitting on pins and needles until she showed up at our office because her meeting happened to be cancelled at the last minute. We all breathed a sigh of relief and cheered when she came into the Library where a good many of us, including her husband, were watching what was going on during the TV coverage.

One of the secretaries lost her brother-in-law, who was a fireman, and a first responder, to the event. When the first tower came down it practically shook our building all those blocks away, and I could see all the smoke and dust flying in our direction. Everyone on our side of the building were rushing around closing windows.