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Smay's Gosha

Linda B

Thanks. It's an oldie and I don't know where I got half the props anymore. I lost everything when my backup drive crashed, since I had removed DS and Poser from my PC.


I added as much as I could before timing out...so here are a few links that can be added later when I create the final list :)

Janet's Fur Suit for Puntik

Wingback Chair and Footrest

EyePatches for M3 & D3

B-Style! for Puntik

Twin Dog House

Bunny Ears

Hypnagogia (Mark Fowler) Last Supper

Hypnagogia (Mark Fowler) Crucifixion Scene

Hypnagogia on ShareCG

Karth's CasualZZ for Puntik

Maja at ShareCG


Feather Boa

NURSODA Free Stuff on Rendo

Apollo free at adh3d

M4 Dynamic Robe

V4 Dynamic Robe

Part 1 - Material Sampler for the Poser 11 Construct Enviro

Part 2 - Construct Skydome Textures, 8192 x 2018

Medieval Wall Torch for Poser


Nerd Glasses Reloaded

Nerd Glasses

Base II

Simple Base

Model Base

KandyKon for DS and Poser

Candy Corn for Kon


Tentacular Chair

Lady Onat

Hein Wesley The Wiz


DA-Vila Enchanted

DA-Dream Colors-Vila

Miss Murg for Muggie

Expressive Clothing Materials for Holke


Flames for Poser

Old House

Halloween House


Ole for LilBit

Other Ole Sets

Fast3d.co.uk - Gerald Day

Klingon Hair for M4

M4 and V4 Vulcan Textures

Spock Hair for M4

Star Trek - TOS Tricoder

Trek TOS Transporter FX

Trek Transporter Effects Prop

TNG Transporter FX

First collection of Doc Faces, including Spock


NURSODA character stuff started at page 328 of this thread

Original Nursoda Free Stuff Collection HTML zip

Doctor Pitterbill
Doc Gear
Black Doc Props and Poses Add-On
DrMabusa Scullprop for Dr Pitterbill
Puschen for Doctor Pitterbill
Sandals for Doctor Pitterbill
Sepit Semil Clothing
for Doc
Zylinder for Doctor Pitterbill

Doc Textures
Dr P Blood
Texture for Rocker Billy Pants
Urban Cowboy for Doctor Pitterbill
Xmas Mats for Doc's Clothes

Doc Poses
Doc Band Poses
Faces 1 for Doctor Pitterbill
Faces 2 for Doctor Pitterbill
Nursoda Pose Sets
(includes Doc)

Hein Gear
Father Christmas for Hein
Hartmut Sandal for Henrike
Hein Boots for Henrike
Hein Buex for Henrike
Hein Female Pants, Top and Sandals
Hein Mr and Mrs Santa Claus
Hein Royal Santa
Hein Santa Steampunk
Hein Sneakers

Hein the Painter
Hein Toon Hats 2

Hein Toon Hats
Hein Witch
Heinzel Hat with Poses
Rabbi Hein Hat
Sleepy Hein

Slippers for Hein
Slippers for Henrike
Zwen Boots for Henrike

Hein Hair
Tiggersprings Hein Hair Fits

Hein Props
Hein Santa Boat
Hein Santa Sleigh
Hein Wizard Props
Rolling Pin for Henrike

Christmas for Hein
Hartmut the Hippie
Hein Drag Queen for 50's dress
Hein DS Mats
Hein Witch Mats
King Celeb, King of the Elven for Hein
Mats for 50's Dress
New Style for Sleepy Hein
Santa for Hein Textures for DS

Sleepy Hein Set

Textures for Hartmut Hair
Train Conductor for Hein Sailor

Hein Poses
Born To Be Wild - The Final Run
Hein and Chunk - Handyman
Hein Brave
Hein Guitar Pose
Hein Last Supper
Hein, Slon and Brulba Minibike Poses
Hein Swing Poses
Nursoda Gang Scooter Poses
Nursoda Pose Sets
(includes Hein)

Nursoda XD licenses available:








Kail & Kelm





You're welcome Linda :) Have fun downloading...haha :)

When I get the Doc Beatles completed, I'll bundle up all the Doc faces into one zip, but for now, everything that is up to the first bundle is on this page, and then the rest were released individually after that page.

And...also, we need to get the link to the final version of Janet's Jagger Hair for the list. Right now we're getting a 404...so is it possible to upload it to Rendo or ShareCG?



Hey Terre :) Cute render Linda :)

One thing I forgot to post, for convenience to be located on this page with everything else, is my render of all Nursoda hair, which helps to have when planning characters.


And also, I wanted to point out that there are newer motorcycles in Sharmira's stuff, than were available at the time the original list was created.



I've zipped all the Doc Pitterbill, Nos, and Fon faces into one bundle, attached to this forum post. This includes the Doc Abbey Beatles, so that you can play with the characters in the Poser hair room. As far as I can tell, when the Abbey poses are applied, they fall into proper alignment for the street crossing.

Have fun!



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