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Show us your Mule Deer Renders!


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
Walking with friends in the snow



I combined the Mule Deer & the HiveWire Foal, then dialed in some head & body changes & applied the Fallow Deer texture to make this adorable fawn!


CWRW Fallow Deer by CWRW at HiveWire3D
HiveWire Mule Deer by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D (also available at Renderosity)

HiveWire Horse by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D
HiveWire Foal by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D

Nature's Wonders Moths of the World Vol.3 (Ranchman's Tiger Moth) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D
SBRM Cool & Unusual 2 (Hooded Oriole) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D

Flinks Blossom Bushes 2 by Flink at Renderosity
Forgotten Garden by -Melkor- at Renderosity
Foggy Pastel Backgrounds by Nakatoni at Renderosity

Serene Innocence
Serene Innocence.jpg

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Yes, I saw it in today's newsletter and went "Awwwww". Very sweet indeed. :)


Contributing Artist

Products Used:
Hivewire Horse, Hivewire Mule Deer Buck, HiveWire Antler Pack, CWRW's Fallow Deer Coat and shaping preset, Silverkey Fawn, Ultimate Butterfly Collection, Lisa's Botanicals Bell Flower, Pyrotechnics for Lisa's Botanicals Bell Flower (coming soon) Fern Lake Bundle