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Show Us Your HiveWire House Cat Renders Here!

1. Advent



Christmas Kitten

Ha ha ha, I got this set that included a jingle bell with the idea that it fit so well with both Christmas and the Hivewire cat! Then I saw the same set in the picture just before this one, happy that Hivewire cats all over are getting bells for Christmas!

English Bob


We once had a cat which liked to sleep in a box full of Lego bricks. :D

Cats always seem to home in on the least suitable target, don't they? Whether it's fancy tights or a skirt that you'd think would be too short to make a comfortable lap, there's little to deter a cat who's decided it wants to sit there.

This was created while I was fooling around with an old project - long-term Poser users may have recognised Victoria 3's distinctive shoulders. In fact this is V3 low-res; Poser 11's subdivision makes her quite usable, even more so when you add up-to-date materials courtesy of EZSkin3. If I was using V3 in a new project, I'd use the weight mapped version.