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Show Us Your HiveWire House Cat Renders Here!


I love these new coat textures that Laurie did for the HiveWire House Cat!


HiveWire House Cat by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D (also available at Renderosity)
CWRW Exotics 1 for the HW House Cat by CWRW at HiveWire3D

Lizards of the World-Vol. 2 (Black-Necked Agama) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D

Tropicals 1 (Papyrus) by Lisa Botanicals at HiveWire 3D

Treasures of Egypt by Moyra & Anton Kisiel at DAZ
Terrains by Pewter7
Atmospheric Overlays - Fog and Rain by Antje Darling and Bez Boardman at Renderosity
ABC Moody by Antje Darling and Bez Boardman at Renderosity
Artistic Backgrounds 2 by Antje Darling at Renderosity

The Treasured Egyptian Mau
The Treasured Egyptian Mau.jpg


Catula also had to pop in to wish you a Merry Christmas!

(continued in Show Us Your HiveWire Big Dog And Puppy Renders. )


Catula for the HiveWire House Cat by NapalmArsenal at HiveWire 3D
HiveWire House Cat by ChristopherCreek Art, CGCubed & CWRW at HiveWire3D (also available at Renderosity)
CWRW Calicos for the HW House Cat by CWRW at HiveWire3D

Poinsettia by Lisa Botanicals & LaurieS (no longer available)

Moonbeam's "Happy Holidays" by Barnali Bagchi (aka Moonbeam1212)
Snowflakes2 by MoonShadow

Catula Christmas
Catula Christmas.jpg


Hey CB, haven't seen you in ages. How are you doing?
Been doing good, been rather busy since I been here last. Had a high risk pregnancy so lots of time in bed, then had to have a C Section so could spend alot of time at my computer, because I was in a ton of pain and doped up on pain meds, then raised a new baby, also running back and forth visiting my son at his group home which takes all day at each trip, then been spending time learning stuff to improve on my art, been rendering alot as well, my son will be 2 in March so he keeps me pretty busy. I managed to get a better PC so each of my images takes longer to make, because I can put more in my scene and I also tweak settings, materials and reshade stuff alot now too and have learned how to get along with the new Dforce in Daz Studio too. I have also been helping some friends promote their products too. With the new PC I have been able to play with more of my assets so been kinda going a bit overboard with Daz LOL. My addiction has gotten to a whole new level. I am also waiting to meet a friend who is giving me a bigger GPU so I am so excited about that. I have also been learning some new editing tools too. I am hoping to be able to post more here too in the future. I am also opening a new shop to sell my renders at so hopefully I can make a little money so I can afford to get the awesome new body types for Dawn that I have been stalking LOL. How have you been?

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
WOW, r/l has really been busy for you. Glad to hear you're doing OK.

I'm just plugging along as usual. My old laptop gave up the ghost a couple of months ago, so I'm now playing with a new, more powerful laptop, and that's definitely been fun.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your renders. :)