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Show Us Your HiveWire House Cat Renders Here!


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So while working on my Orange Tabby set just now, I played with using the scaling on the two front paws body parts- this was using x scaling to 120%- I like! And done with two quick dial spins instead of doing each toe. So many possibilities!!!



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Yep this Lil' Kitty doesn't suck!!

Impressive imagery.

Welcome Greybro. Thanks for jumping in and giving your feedback. Very kind of you.

Miss B

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Yep! Working on black kitty today. Will have one set of orange tabbies, and one set that will include black kitty, white kitty and also 2-3 "tuxedo" kitties. Hoping to have them out in about 10 days?
YAY!!! Now THAT's definitely a Halloween Kitty if I ever saw one. I immediately thought of Halloween when I saw that pose. :D


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I'm working on my fairy housecat. Decided to add some of Ken's moths to the scene. Had to give her something to look at since the pose implied she is.
I have some plans for a fairy kitty! Just going to be a bit I have some Anime Dawn stuff to get out of the way first and some more things! Thinking of doing a Catterfly type character.

This is just fooling around with the mats and big kitty I'm currently working with for the wings, but thinking colorful coat patterns to match wings and possibly some added conforming props.

Cat wings copy.jpg
cat256 copy.jpg
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weeellll... I want smaller toes, not larger... it's a matter of taste... I watch Nickie and his "feet" ...really just the toes are TINY compact paws... :)

but WOW on the orange cat map... REALLY WOW!!


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Welcome to the hive Greybro! Love all these renders just too cute!

Tparo, I love your fairy kitty!


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omg-love that expression!

Welcome to the Hive, azoohouse - don't think I've welcomed you :)


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Love the render azoohouse...too cute! And in case I haven't already...welcome to the Hive!