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Satira Capriccio Products at HiveWire 3D

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Aoide, Daughter of Gaia
Compatible with Poser 10+


Aoide, Daughter of Gaia, is a texture and preset/custom morph character for Dawn. Daughters of Gaia and Uranus, the Elder (Boeotian) Muses (Aoide, Melete, and Mneme) were worshipped on Mt. Helicon, predating the more familiar Younger (Olympian) Muses who were the daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus.
  • Custom Face, Hands, Foot, and PinEarsBack morphs
  • One Base Skin
  • One Face without Makeup
  • Six Faces with Makeup
  • One Face with Eyeliner and no Makeup
  • Six Faces with Eyeliner and Makeup
  • Seven Lip colors
  • Seven matching nail colors
  • Ten Eye colors
Requires Dawn, Dawn Starter Morphs, Dawn's Head Shapes, and Dawn's Body Shapes

Compatible with Poser 10+
Materials are optimized for the Firefly Render Engine.

ADG Product Image 00 Main.jpg
ADG Product Image 01.jpg
ADG Product Image 02.jpg
ADG Product Image 03.jpg
ADG Product Image 04.jpg
ADG Product Image 05.jpg
ADG Product Image 06.jpg
ADG Product Image 07.jpg
ADG Product Image 08.jpg
ADG Product Image 09.jpg

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Gaia's Gifts for Dawn
Compatible with Poser


Inspired by the Ancient Greeks, Gaia's Gifts will attire your Muse in clothing fit for a Goddess.

Gaia's Gifts includes conforming Breastband, Crown, Loincloth, and Left and Right Sandals, as well as a dynamic Chiton and a Himation. Nine texture sets are included for the Breastband, Chiton, Crown, Himation, Loincloth, and Sandals. A Hide Scales utility is included to set the scales on the Crown transparent.

Note: The Chiton and Himation do not fit over the Breastband and Loincloth without manual adjustments.

Compatible with Poser 10+
Materials are optimized for the Firefly Render Engine.

Requires Dawn

GG Product Image 00 Main.jpg
GG Product Image 01.jpg
GG Product Image 02.jpg
GG Product Image 03.jpg
GG Product Image 04.jpg
GG Product Image 05.jpg
GG Product Image 06.jpg
GG Product Image 07.jpg
GG Product Image 08.jpg
GG Product Image 09.jpg
GG Product Image 10.jpg
GG Product Image 11.jpg
GG Product Image 12.jpg
GG Product Image 13.jpg

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Gaia's Daughters for Dawn
Compatible with Poser


Inspired by sculptures and art, Gaia's Daughters features poses, each based on an Ancient Greek Goddess, and props based on items associated with the Goddess. Included are 17 poses for Dawn, a pose to reset Dawn to the default pose, and 22 props with material presets.

Includes two of each prop - one parented to Dawn for poses and one zeroed
Athena Shield & Spear, Calliope Scroll, Clio Salpinx, Erato Lyre, Euterpe Aulos Left & Right, Hebe Cup & Jug, Hera Lotus Staff, Melete Pandura, Melpomene Sword, Mneme Tympanum, Mnemosyne Lamp of Memory & Lamp Stopper, Polyhymnia Basket & Grapes, Rhea Wrapped Stone, Terpsichore Harp, Thalia Theatre Mask, Urania Armillary.

Slight adjustments may be needed to hands and feet when using the poses with the Aoide character.

Compatible with Poser 10+

Requires Dawn

GD Product Image 00 Main.jpg
GD Product Image 01.jpg
GD Product Image 02.jpg
GD Product Image 03.jpg
GD Product Image 04.jpg
GD Product Image 05.jpg
GD Product Image 06.jpg
GD Product Image 07.jpg
GD Product Image 08.jpg
GD Product Image 09.jpg
GD Product Image 10.jpg

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Gaia's Rest for Dawn
Compatible with Poser


Inspired by Ancient Greek architecture, Gaia's Rest includes Base props (Platform, Column, Cushion, Drapery & Rod, Bench, and Planter), as well as two preloads and six matching materials for each prop. The Drapery has seven movement morphs (Wind Back, Wind Left, and Wind Right, Twist Left, Twist Right, Twist Left Bulbous, and Twist Right Bulbous).

Tip: Rotate the column to adjust the direction the wind blows the drapery.

Compatible with Poser 10+

GR Product Image 00 Main.jpg
GR Product Image 01.jpg
GR Product Image 02.jpg
GR Product Image 03.jpg
GR Product Image 04.jpg
GR Product Image 05.jpg
GR Product Image 06.jpg
GR Product Image 07.jpg
GR Product Image 08.jpg

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Thanks JOdel!

The Breastband, Loincloth, Crown, and Sandals are conforming. The Chiton and Himation are dynamic.


Busy Bee
Contributing Artist
This is a gorgeous set! I really like it!
I must admit I stopped wishlisting your items and just bookmarked your storepage because I love everything you create. You are very talented.