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Poser Pro 11 to Include HiveWire Figures


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We are excited for this move with our core content.

Funny and a bit strange that it's taken so long for this to happen. I remember early in 2013 when we had Dawn well underway having a call with Steve Cooper P.M. of Poser at the time. I suggested that Dawn and her male counterpart to be (we didn't have a name for him at the time) be included in the next version of Poser. Cooper was very polite about it but declined the offer due to the idea that there was already too much content in Poser and it would just be too much. A year or two later Paul and I went out to visit with Smith Micro in Santa Cruz and we productively talked about a number of things with the current P.M. Steve Yatson and company, but once again Dawn was overlooked for inclusion. Lisa and I have had several discussions since with the powers that be at Smith Micro after Cooper and Yatson and we couldn't advance the content conversation very far.

But lately Lisa and I have been chatting with those at Renderosity that have seen the value of our figures and animals first hand, and they invited us to participate in the next Poser Pro 11.2 release and include a robust content offering.

We will have the ability to advertise our HiveWire branded content, and the Poser customer with be able to see additional HiveWire products and visit our store from the Poser app.

So, pretty cool folks. This will be a solid collaborative effort between us and Renderosity. We've had years of experience working well with Jenn and Tommy and look forward to many more years to come, with more future possibilities as well.

In the end the Poser users will be the big winners here, with a wider variety of figure and animal content at their fingertips.
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I had a little chat with the Powers that Be over at Smith Micro a little over a year ago, and one of the things I suggested to them at the time was to make Dawn and Dusk the official Poser figures. That was among other things we discussed. Unfortunately, I heard that Hivewire and Smith Micro had talked but no deal could be reached. I'm pleased as punch that Renderosity was in a more amenable mood.