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Our slice of Heaven


The outside walls of the bathroom are finished aswell, we just need to do some bits and pieces now.
We had started work on the bedroom also but for now we have to take a break. During holiday season it's not allowed to do DIY or any form of reno. And since the corona pandemic people tend to spend their holiday rather in their own country so the camping is booked to the very last spot.

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The frames/corners are on aswell, I just didn't take any photo's of those. The panelling you see is made of some sort of plastic. We have the same on our bedroom wall. Just in a different texture and color but the material is the same.

I pimped the kitchen, it's going to be some years (depending on the finances) before we can relocate that one. The plan is to make a corner kitchen relocated to the front of the caravan. It will partly be located against the bathroom wall (see pic above) and partly against the backwall of the caravan. We will also relocate the heater. It will be a huge projec, maybe bigger then the bathroom since we need to get in a specialist to relocate the gaspipes and such.

Untill then I just painted the old kitchen over. I couldn't bare looking at that 70ies wood any longer.....
I painted the kitchen over and changed the handles.

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Old situation picture above, new situation pictures below. Just sanding, primer, a layer of paint and some new knobs on the cabinetdoors.

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Both the bathroom and the kitchen looks good. We used to have similar panelling in our bathroom up until last year when we had the bath taken out a walk in shower fitted. We were so impressed with the panelling we decided to go for panels again although the new ones are a sort of coated hardboard. The other panels had been there for years, they were easy maintenance needing just a wipe down on a regular basis and no grout to go black and need replacement.

The kitchen units look new so well done. We skipped the kitchen when we were revamping the house this time around although we did put new doors on the old unit carcasses to spruce it up a bit.

Having had a noise nuisance for the last few weeks while our neighbour has been turning his garage into a room I can sort of see the benefit of not being able to do DIY at some points in the year.