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Folks, we're so grateful for all the hard work that is being done on your awesome entries that have been coming in from day one! Some gorgeous renderings being submitted for sure.

Due to some folks being informed that submissions will be accepted til midnight on the 22nd, we're extending our submission deadline until then. This now correlates with with Ken's newsletter so we're all on the same page.

We're posting this extra 2 days in our newsletter today also. Which is really less then 2 days now.

For those of you that busted your humps to get your submissions in by the 20th, we hope this extension doesn't upset you. We do need to be fair with others that have been informed the deadline is the 22nd and stick with that. Thanks for your understanding. And to those that may need the extra time for your renders... you're welcome, :). We look forward to any more entries that may still be coming in until tomorrow night.

Whether it's GMT or Mountain time. We'll accept which ever works in your favor.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support of this beautiful contest!

Yeah, baby!!!

sounds good to me but I don't care about such things, spoils the fun. All good Chris.


The extension is my fault... It's marked on my calendar as the 20th but I typed the 22nd in my newsletter (and didn't proof read it). I'm sorry if anyone had an issue with this.
Ten whacks on the (insert body part here) with a wet boot lace. :)

Sincerely good luck everyone. I agree this year has some of he best renders I have ever seen in this contest to date. Awesome stuff. I am honoured to be pitted against some true artists.

Satira Capriccio

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Everything submitted was uploaded to the gallery.

One entry was withdrawn and resubmitted, but because it had comments, I didn't delete it from the gallery. Judging is usually done with the actual submitted images rather than the reduced images which are uploaded to the gallery.

Submitted entries to contests and the monthly galleries may or may not be flagged as accepted. As a rule, I upload contest entries on weekends and monthly galleries by the end of the first week of the month. Anything accepted is uploaded to the gallery, as well as those submissions that have not yet been accepted ... as long as they have not been declined or withdrawn and they meet the submission criteria.

Generally, if there is a problem with a contest entry, the artist will be contacted fairly quickly with an explanation.


Damn....i thought it ebded on the 30th....i've missed it....boohoo! Oh well, i'll catch the next 1! Good luck guys! xxx


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There's always next year!! Welcome to the Hive, HeavenLee!!!

Dakorillon (IMArts)

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I'm really excited to see the results, there were so many amazing entries! I've mentally picked my favorites, so it will be fun to see how they tally up with the judges! Good luck everyone!

Miss B

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Fantastic renders by all. How the judges narrowed down their choices is beyond me. Everyone outdid themselves this year. :D