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Multiple Zipfile Installer for Poser macOS Sierra

James R.

Busy Bee

I'm looking for a zipfile installer for Poser, specifically for macOS, that can handle installing multiple zips at the same time.

Poser can natively do one at a time, which can be a chore if you've got a bunch of new purchases to install...or if you went mining the internet for freebies and now have eleventy hundred zip files needing attention. :rolleyes:

For ages I used Poser Runtime UnArchiver ("PzRuntArchiver"), but it dated back to 2010 and OSX 10.5 Leopard. It finally stopped functioning when macOS Sierra came out. The developer and the product have since disappeared from Rosity.

The late Ralf Sessler/Dimension3D has various utilities still available, but from what it says on his site they are Windows compatible.

Any OSX or macOS users out there have any suggestions or utilities they can point me towards?