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Moose and Squirrel


HW3D President
Staff member
I've been wanting to work up a Moose from our Horse model. So here it comes. This is a pure morph and will carry the same UV set as Harry as well.

This represents work in progress screen grabs. Still need to fine tune the overall shaping, but particularly detailed areas now. Need to give this Alaskan Bull Moose his beard too. Paul suggested I create it from the chin beard of our Unicorn, which is a good idea. So I'll get that going to. That will help the character and profile look of this brute.

I already have him sized to Dusk, and I'll show a couple shots for that. I've been looking at Wikipedia for size of this animal. I figure if Dusk is 6'2" to 6'4". I can't remember what I made him. Then this Moose is around 6'7" at the shoulder. The spread of the enormous antlers are close to 6' across.

Paul and I took some photos of a Moose mount that a friend of mine shot in Russia. It's a world record taken with a Muzzle Loader. Anyway, however you feel about hunting, this is a gorgeous animal, and I've used the antlers as a reference for our HiveWire Moose here.

Guess we can't call him Bullwinkle, but some thing close to that would work. His companion the Squirrel (Rocky) will be morphed from our Big Cat, believe it or not. You may have seen the Rat thread, and the Squirrel can be morphed from the Rat, which is a morph from our Big Cat. Weird to think a Lion and a Squirrel can possibly share the same mesh.

I can see this animal wading around in Ken's Duck pond.







A Moose and a Squirrel - that's great! Looking forwards to that.
A Siberian or Chukotka Moose can grow as tall as 7 ft.


Contributing Artist
How cool is that? I love moose! Thidwick was my favorite book as a child.

Moose are huge. Two of my brothers were driving through Canada and one of them is explaining to the other how big they are and the other one didn't believe it. Later in the trip they ran into a moose on the side of the road so they stopped the car and watched it. Then the moose climbed OVER their car.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
WOW it's amazing what you can come up with while I'm still sleeping. This is looking FAN-TAS-TIC!! :D


HW3D President
Staff member
After Father's Day activities today, I worked this up.

Just want a very simple working, and looking piece of cloth as reins. I can see several fanciful colors, textures, and patterns working here.



Your view from the top as the rider.