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Discussion in 'The Sandbox' started by Faery_Light, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Dances with Bees

    I back up to the Internet but that is an extra cost and I guess if you were unlucky enough to be hit by any of the disasters you have listed 3D art will not be your highest priority. My as I would miss my art I think I would miss my photos more, particularly family ones. As you say, let's hope nothing this ever happens.
  2. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I keep hoping the cash flow will improve a bit.
    My artwork really needs a pro subscription to 3d.sk...sigh.
  3. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Getting some of my images together and sorted in preparation to create adult coloring books for my Zazzle store.
    Going to put them in a spiral notebook style for ease of use.
    I'll use categories, Cats, Horses, Fantasy, people, landscapes and fantasy and maybe more as I go along.

    Wonder if I can find other sites like Zazzle that lets one open a store and set it up the same way.
    I checked ArtFire but I think their is an up front fee and can't do that right now.

    Trying to put the finishes on the next BeJeweled pack so Rae can check it out and make sure all is well before we submit.
    Working on some kitty cat sets too.

    Still need to tweak my carousel but had to take a break from it for a bit too.

    Waiting for Dreamer to get sorted so she can finish our two products.

    Also working on my daughter's web site trying to get it up and running but the html coding was driving me up the wall so took a break...lol.

    And doing all this while squeezing in medical tests and appointments.

    Do I sound busy?
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  4. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Yes, I would definitely say you've been busy.
  5. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    If I can keep out of mischief, I am working on turning some of my artwork into Bullet Journal and regular journal, phone covers.
    And also some downloaded free images from Pixabay to adjust and create covers.
    I will add more hats, cups, tees, hoodies and other goodies as time permits.
    Which is why I want to get using LAMH for DS right for my kitties.
    Is there a LMAH for Harry?

    My daughter belongs to a Bullet Journal group and can put links to my Zazzle products there as well.

    I know Rendo has a service like that, wonder if the Hive will, it would be awesome if the did. :)
  6. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Well I took a new step (not easy for me) and created my first adult coloring book.
    It is being reviewed on Amazon at present and should be available by tomorrow or so.
    I used all free images from Pixabay for this one but now I can move on to my own renders with Dawn, Dusk and the Horse.
    Oh, can't forget the Kitty either. :)
    And I know how to save them in a BW format for coloring, got info on formatting and all that.

    Just need to browse around and see what people like and start some renders. :)

    We should hear, sometime tomorrow or day after, the results of my grand-daughter's tests.
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  7. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    The results are in on my grand-daughter, it is not bone cancer.
    Somehow when she bent over to pick up a pencil that she dropped, she broke her rib.
    And it fractured tie spine.
    The rib has mostly healed but left the mass of bone, the spine is not healing so she may need a brace for a bit.
    But we are very happy it is not cancer.

    My appointment was with an audiologist today, this aid I'm wearing is worn out and I need a new, more powerful one.
    It will cost me 900.00 out of pocket as my insurance only pays for a mail order aid.

    I will see a specialist to see if I qualify for a cochlear implant for the right ear which is pretty much gone.
    If so, I may qualify for the clinical trials and do the right ear first and later the left one.

    To do the left one know would leave me deaf till it is done.

    And this is the only activity I'll be doing today on the computer.
    Right hand is swollen up to the wrist and beyond, left starting to swell so just gonna rest both today.
    Maybe by tomorrow I'll be able to do more.
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  8. Janet

    Janet Awesome Contributing Artist

    That's great news FL! So glad to hear it!
  9. Hornet3d

    Hornet3d Dances with Bees

    Mixed news but great to hear about grand-daughter. Hope all the problems with your ears get sorted with minimal cost.
  10. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Oh I'm glad to hear your granddaughter's OK. I hope the issues with your hearing are taken care of as quickly as possible.
  11. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Great to hear that it's not cancer! I hope they can help to fix the problem with the ribs.
  12. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I hope the news helped lift her depression, she was really down from not knowing what was wrong.

    On another note, a positive one, my first adult coloring book is now live on Amazon!
    So now I will study trends and use my art to create more. :)

    I will post the images of the cover when I reduce the size of it.
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  13. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Okay, downsized them for here, front and back covers.
    Dragons-Flowers Front Cover-HW.jpg
    Dragons-Flowers Back Cover-HW.jpg
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  14. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Had to go in to the doctor yesterday for a Hep b vaccine.
    While there they took my blood again to test the cholesterol levels as it's been 3 months since last one.
    It was 326 back then and not good at all but the doctor has found a medicine I can take (no allergies!).
    Test results came back this morning and it is down to 226 now...yay!
    One less major concern. :)
    I am proud of my daughter managing my diet to help get the cholesterol back down to safer levels.
    That and my keeping on with the exercise and the meds seem to be working well.

    Now to work on the pain levels from the RA and Fibro..., that is a whole nother thing...sigh.

    Guess I can get back to my 3d work if the storms settle down again.
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  15. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    That's excellent news FL, as now you only need to get it under 200 to have it at a normal level. Good to hear your doctor found a medicine you can take to help with it.
  16. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Had my hearing test Thursday of last week and I need a new aid.
    I have so much loss in the left ear that the aid I need is not covered by my insurance.
    So I'm going to borrow on my life insurance to get it.
    For the right ear, no hearing left through the ear canal but with a test on the bone behind I hear some sounds.
    So I may qualify for a cochlear implant and my insurance will cover any surgery but not for the device.
    To raise money and save for that I need to start selling my products, here and the books at Amazon and items at Zazzle.
    If anyone would like to help me generate sales by doing proms for different galleries of my HiveWire products, let me know and I'll see you have what ever product you want to do promos with.
    I can't pay cash but I can pay with the products.
    Thanks. :)
  17. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Years ago my mother and i bought a Nintendo and a few games for my son David.
    That led to more games and one day a Nintendo 64 and more games.
    I still had both his sets and all his games when he died but lost the connectors to the TV for them.

    Recently a friend of my daughter and her husband came to visit on his vacation, he is an IT guy.
    He got connectors for them and connected them to our big TV.
    Now it seems everyone, including the two older girl's boyfriends, love to play Super Mario. :)
    Isn't it amazing how popular that game still is on a good working Nintendo?
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  18. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Not really surprising it's one of those games that people just have a lot of fun playing.

    I was over at my son's recently and he has the VR headset for the playstation. I was surprised at how well it fits over glasses. Add to that there is a vr version of skyrim...my other son(who lives at home has the latest playstation so I'm seriously thinking should I or shouldn't I...don't normally play elder scroll games on anything but the pc though.

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