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Millhorse and Dawn in mobile game


The real me
Contributing Artist
Hello everybody,

Admin is ok with me posting this. :love:

I've been hard at work on my Android mobile game and now it's finally finished. It's a simple side scrolling horse jumping game. Millhorse and Dawn are used. Some of Laurie's and Lyne's textures for the horse. Animations by me made in Poser.

I used Millhorse instead of Harry because I already had most of the various breeds made. Harry will be the star in my next game. :D

The game is free and with some endurance the whole game can be completed without spending any real money.

Game works on Android phones and tablets from 5.0 and up.
Let me know what you think. :)

Direct link:
Horse game


Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I'm not one for games, but I am taking a Blender class, and a good many of those taking the class with me, are also taking Unreal and Unity classes at the same site, so I'm used to seeing what folks are creating for their games.

That said, yours is looking very good. :)


The real me
Contributing Artist
Thank you Miss B. :)

I have also learned (on my own) both Unity and Unreal plus a bunch of other game engines. I prefer Unreal. Now I'm learning Godot which looks very interesting.