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Letterpress Case

Letterpress Case 2020-08-24

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Where I did my apprenticeship still had an old Letterpress machine


Dances with Bees
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Yah my first real job was at a print shop that had a letterpress machine. One guy about 80 years old would come in once a week and do all the stuff that needed it, numbering that kind of thing. It was fascinating to watch.

Yah I think people could enlarge it to fit people or animal figures.


<in my best crotchety old man voice - which for some reason is getting easier to do these days> "Ah, the good old days when we had to read type backwards, and upside down, in the snow, uphill, both ways."

I did a couple 'labs' (1970-72) where we did typeset a couple of composing sticks. I actually got pretty good at reading text upside down and backwards. But that skill came from hand tinting 35 mm slides of photo type set text. (The tint had to be applied to the emulsion side of the film to adhere.)

Thank goodness we had a photo type set service at the school as long as you had a day to wait for it. Fortunately, we were mainly working on graphic layouts of books, magazines, etc. We had a decent selection of 'Lorem ipsum...' available in various font size and leading. Of course, back then is was only Times Roman and Helvetica.

"And we were damned glad to have THAT!"