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KageRyu's cave

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It is my pleasure to announce that a large portion of my previous RuntimeDNA catalog, as well as some of the planned releases, will be hosted here on Hivewire3D. This includes my entire line of M4/V4 products currently available, which I will be working to have moved over in the next few days. Absolutely nothing will be going to Daz3D (their loss). I also intend to move forward with Dusk and Dawn support, and Paul and Pauline support - but I get motivated a lot by available outfits and props - so hopefully someone will make some good Viking outfits and Knights for them both for me to play with ;)

I urge anyone who has anything wishlisted at RuntimeDNA to hold off until it is moved over to Hivewire3D before purchase to insure availability of future downloads and updates.



HW3D Exclusive Artist
Wonderful news! Welcome aboard!!! I think you'll like it here a lot. This is the best 3d home I've ever had.


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
*fluffs up cushions in the cave and puts out cookies (virtual - no calories, no bad-for-you-stuff, awesome taste!)*


Breathing Life into Characters
Contributing Artist
This is great news! I will be checking out your store when you get it moved over!


The Wicked Witch of the North
Welcome to the hive, Mark! I hope you and your products have a very happy home here :)