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It's all in how you laugh


I love fans got all over the house got every thing from a lowly little 24" plastic on sale at the local shop rite to a 3' barn fan...Thing is while I dearly love fans, can't stand them blowing right on me. Got a new AC for the front window.. The wife was entertaining the thought that finally I was going to stop blowing things around the front room...I tried that really I did, but that little ac just didn't reach clear across the room.. One by one the fans came back on....the wife got a worried look on her face and went and stood in the kitchen door. I laughed at her as I turned the last fan on. I jumped to one side as a roar developed from the direction behind me....I looked over my shoulder just in time to see a funnel cloud forming in the middle of my front room. Then with a huge roar it picked up the wife's new sofa and threw it through the front window along with the wife's french poodle. Now neither the wife nor the dog will come near me....I really kinda miss the dog...