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"Inspiration to Image" Render Challenge! - CLOSED!!


Where can we see who won?
It's usually listed on the first post in this thread.
HiveWire 3D "Inspiration to Image" Render Challenge!

OK folks, our judges, Seliah and Lorraine, have spoken!!!

And the winners are (drum roll please):

#6 - First Place - The Bug Drone by Stezza
#1 - Second Place - At The River by luannemarie
#4 - Third Place - Encounter by mininessie
#5 - Honorable Mention - Velvet and Roses by Dreamer

Congratulations to the winners!! :D

Come join our "Inspiration to Image" Render Challenge and explore the various aspects of composing a scene. This thread is for chatting about the challenge, and for posting your WIP renders. You can post your images here, before you finalize your render to show us how you are doing, or to ask for guidance if you get stumped on how to accomplish something.

Here are some educational links to info about the Golden and Fibonacci Ratios to get you started:

If you're still looking for inspiration for your renders, check out all the goodies in the Last Chance Clearance Sale!

Last Chance Clearance Sale!

When you have decided your image is final, post here with the words FINAL RENDER, and the Title of your render, at the beginning of the post. We will collect all final renders, assign them a number with your Title, and transfer them to a private media album for blind judging.

No artist information will be shown in the private media album, so please refrain from adding any copyright information that you may usually add to your renders.

Rules & Guidelines
  • At least one HiveWire 3D family member, such as Dawn, Dusk, Luna, or any other HiveWire 3D figure you wish to use.
  • Submitted Images must meet forum guidelines
    • 1600 x 1600 pixel maximum image dimensions
    • 1MB max file size for images
    • 10MB max file size for video
  • A maximum of 3 entries can be entered.
  • You must abide by the HiveWire 3D Terms Of Service.
  • Comedy is welcome, but please keep it family friendly.
Categories and Prizes
This render challenge will close at midnight, Friday, May 17, 2019 (MST).

  • Please post your final renders here in this thread.
  • Be sure to start your post with FINAL RENDER, as well as the Title of your render.
  • Please do not post your entries in any of the General Forum threads, or in the HW Galleries, until after the Render Challenge has ended and the winners have been announced. We would also prefer you not post your entries on forums, and in galleries, on other sites until the Render Challenge has ended.
  • Because the Render Challenge is Blind Judged, the judges do not view the Render Challenge thread until after the winners are announced.

Judges: Seliah and Lorraine


Contributing Artist
Oh ok, duh, I didnt think of looking back at the first post. Thanks.