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"Inspiration to Image" Render Challenge! - CLOSED!!


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Okay, my head is exploding.
I just tried reading the articles in the links...ugh...Math!
Anything to do with numbers sets my head spinning, sorry.
I'll look but not enter...sigh.
You don't need math ...at least don't need to think about it to make an image ...please do enter...all you need is to do an equilibrated composition on the image ,please ,please !


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Yup, I didn't totally understand the articles either. My take was that they were trying to explain how to balance out a scene when setting it up by using math. Other than that, I was lost. Just tried to make sure my scenes were balanced when it came to size of objects, depth, etc.

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This article simplifies using the Golden Spiral/Golden Mean, without dealing with all those numbers.
How to use the Golden Ratio in Art Composition and Design

Of course, the Golden Spiral/Golden Mean is just one of many composition guidelines ... all of which are just guidelines, and not rules to follow strictly (or all the time). Many "rules" also have an opposite "rule." For example, Fill the Frame (zoom in on the main object until it fills the space) is countered by Leave Negative Space (zoom out so you leave a lot of empty or negative space around your main object). There's the Rule of Odd, where you always have an odd number of objects in your scene. Yet sometimes, it works better to have an even number of objects. Many composition rules have us offset the main objects, yet there are times when the scene works so much better as a symmetrical scene.

I absolutely love scenes where there is a lot of negative space, but I prefer to fill the frame most of the time. Most likely because my subject is usually a customized figure, and I want to focus on that figure rather than losing her in a huge open space. I also love to position my character within framing plants or architecture (Frame Within the Frame), and I often include foreground plants and objects to bring that sense of 3D (or dimension) to a flat image.

Several articles that discuss the most common composition guidelines.

Back to Basics: 10 Composition Rules in Photography
10 Top Photography Composition Rules
15 Of The Best Photography Composition Rules
20 Composition Techniques That Will Improve Your Photos

Think 2o isn't enough rules for composition? How about ... 35 Photography Composition Rules.

and then after memorizing all these rules ... throw them out the window and do what makes a scene appealing to you.

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OK folks, the first post in the thread has been updated, so please note:

1) A link to the Songbird Remix Annual Audubon Birthday Sale has been added for inspiration, and

2) The prize winners will also be receiving Reward Points, so check out the updated Prizes. :)


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OK folks, the first post in the thread has been updated again. Since Ken Gilliland's Audubon Sale is ending at Midnight tonight, I've now added a link to the Last Chance Clearance Sale for more goodies you can use in your render entries. :)


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Actually enjoying mathematics, this sounds like loads of fun. I have been really busy with work the last few months, so haven't come up with much of anything, but I will certainly be keeping the golden ratio under consideration if I have the chance to put something together...

For those who might not be aware, DAZ Studio has a render preset for "Golden Ratio" in both portrait and landscape. It's in the presets along with "widescreen" and "US letter," etc.

There is also the option to view a gridline on the preview window following the rule of thirds, but how to activate it I can't remember for anything; all I know is that mine is turned on ALL the time...

Someone did come up with a bunch of composition helpers for cameras in DAZ Studio within the last year or so; it's called "Canary's Composition Helpers."

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Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Someone did come up with a bunch of composition helpers for cameras in DAZ Studio within the last year or so; it's called "Canary's Composition Helpers."
Oh, those look similar to the older camera add-on I have from Dreamlight. There's a couple that are different, but a number of them look the same, which is good, as I always found them very useful.