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I Just Wanted to Post an Image Thread

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Boy could I make a comment now, but I won't, as I don't want to start a political conversation. ;)


Caoimhe watched the probe glow and knew it was doing the job and analysing the water it now stood in hopefully, it would soon send results to her tab and they would make sense. If it did it would be the first result that had done so in the three days they had been here. In that time they had not seen single person or animal come to that, they had crossed the city and there was no sign of life. Whatever had happened here they population had been given some warning, many windows were boarded up and there were other signs of preparation but when it had arrived the devastation seemed to have been swift and total. Cars had been abandoned in the street, some she suspected with their engines running, but she could not be sure, the fuel tanks had run dry long ago. The disaster had been total and the population had simply vanished, as had any signs of the cause.

She shivered, not from the cold as it was a warm summers day but the isolation was eating into her and it was affecting Turlough too. He remained in the shadows moving smartly form one vantage point to another and, when they did move, he was constantly looking over his shoulder as if looking for something or someone. At first she believed he was looking back in hope but more and more she knew he was looking back in fear.

Abandoned City HW.jpg


Her plan was to have a quite drink just to unwind but it had not turned out that way, finding Turlough in there was one thing but the fact that he was not alone hit her hard. She wondered if it was a ruse to make her jealous but it was a spur of the moment decision she had made to stop for a drink at this time and this particular bistro. Caoimhe quickly decided to retrace her steps before she was noticed but that seemed unlikely anyway as Turlough was clearly too caught up with his companion to notice anything going on around him.

Discovery HW.jpg


Stezza, great WWI image. Your render has that hand tinted look and a real feel to it. Great effect.

Well done on the periscope rifle rig! I assume you created it as you do a lot of stuff.)

Quick perusal of Google shows a couple images. Looks very much like a soldier in the trench designed device.


Looks like the support was nailed to rifle stock in image. Your version: a bit more "polished" using bolts but keeping authentic look and feel.

For kicks (and 'cause my wife was watching a baking contest show/series on Prime, which I can only watch for so long before I find myself putting pointy objects near my eyes), I desaturated the image into the 10-15% range...works well. I also toyed with other filters applied to the image. Image holds together well despite what damage I tried do to it.

I think it does needs some 'dust on the negative' and scratches on the paper IHMO. But that's probably just my typical bad judgement getting in the way.

And putting on my trainer's cap, for those - probably younger folks - not familiar with B/W film processing, you have to use 'negative thinking'. Dust on a negative being printed casts shadows which appear white on the print. And over time, normal wear and tear of handling an image (B/W or color) scratches the emulsion off of the surface of the paper, hence, white scratches/creases. And for the 'more than you ever wanted to know'...scratches on the negative and dust on the paper causes dark spots on the print. (I spent way too many hours retouching B/W prints instead of taking care in the darkroom.)