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How to upload an animation?


HW Honey Bear
I have an mp4 and although it says it accepts this file type it says “ file too Large”
“ runs to double check on file size”....


HW Honey Bear
I can’t find a way to read the size.., whoops! Flint was was able to read the file size and each animation is 3?-4 + mb each! Sigh


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
I don't think you really can really upload mp4s to the forum. What you need to do is put it somewhere like YouTube and then embed it in the forum from the link you can get by clicking "Share".


Lost Mad Soul
Contributing Artist
A good tool for re-encoding and changing file sizes, CoDec, bitrate, adding watermarks, simple filter effects, appending files is VirtualDub. I believe there is an animation resource thread with links to it and it's filters. It's tiny, it's free, but it is not an editor.

As Alisa said, the best option for animations is to use a video host service such as Youtube or Vimeo and then embed the file in your post in the forums.


Contributing Artist
Yah start a youtube account, upload there then link the forum to it.