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How to Add or Change your Avatar


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Be sure to give yourself an avatar.

Your avatar is your "face" in the community. And this IS a community.


Additionally, this forum uses those avatars in unique and helpful ways.

When you are in a forum section, it shows who started a thread and whether you've replied to it with their avatar (on the left) and yours inserted in the bottom right of theirs.


So at a glance, here, I see Chris started this thread and that I have replied in it! Cool, huh?

Your avatar doesn't have to be fancy (mine's a photograph), and you can change it at any time you want (some of us - like me - prefer to keep it the same, others like to change all the time and put on new faces!)

You can edit all your personal details, including adding the avatar, by moving your mouse over your name in the top right corner of any page


Thanks, and have fun!!


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I just have an idea for one, but dont want to waste time if I can't even use it.


Mostly RETIRED HW3D QAV Director (QAV Queen Bee)
Staff member
Not sure - I can check and get back to you - not going to be immediate, though.