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Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by Chris, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. scatha

    scatha Adventurous

    a french bulldog (pug)could work, instead of the mutt from the actual movies....
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  2. Rae134

    Rae134 Renowned CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    Here is the Dog thred Carmen: HiveWire Dog Is Underway
    The only small dog Chris has done so far is the Chi.

    Daz has the Mil Dog and Predatron's LoREZ Dog that both have terriers in them that you could put a black coat on (tho not long haired terriers).

    He never referred to the breed, just the colour (black) some people think Yorkie but they come in black/tan or blue/cream and a Cairn Terrier was used for the original movie. In later books he becomes a Boston Terrier so you could use that, there is a free one at: Kirwyn's Korner (its a Poser model but I'm sure you could use it in DS)
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  3. JOdel

    JOdel Extraordinary HW Honey Bear

    John. R. Neill drew Toto as a Boston Terrier more than once. Actually, almost any type of small dog would work, because Neill drew him differently for just about every book. Of course, if you are trying to match Denslow's version, something like a Yorkie probably would be best. The hair would be a major issue though.

    Otherwise, either Kirwyn's Boston terrier, or maybe the Mr Puggles model would probably also work. Not sure where to find the Mr Puggles model. Either model would need a black texture, since Toto is always described as a small *black* dog, not black and white. I don't know of a model of a Scottie, but a Scottie is another version of Neill's take on the character.

    One of my more ambitious projects was an Oz book. I managed to kit bash a rather good Scarecrow, and an acceptable Tin Woodman, although the Woodman isn't perfect by any means. Annoyingly, even though the character designs for Oz characters have been public domain for decades, and there are probably half a dozen spinoff Tin Woodmen, none of them have more than a slight passing resemblance to either Neill's or Denslow's. Here are mine: Scarecrow.jpg Woodman.jpg
  4. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    Adam Thwaites @ Most-Digital (FREE Content for Poser and DAZ Studio - free poses, free morphs, free characters, free clothing, free props, free models, free textures, free figures, free hair, free downloads, free 3D, free stuff, freestuff from Most Digital Creations)
    did a nice little Yorkie, a still set terrier prop which fired up my brain again but though I gasped at at last finding my long sought for Todo, I was desperately let down to read it was a fixed prop. But he did a nice job with it and despite it not having realistic fur it would have worked for my needs. The bull terrier like alternatives just don't seem...well.....(oh my GOD don't hate me ladies!)......girly enough for my tastes. Certainly not fuzzy and soft like a Todo would need be to comfort a stressed Dorothy anyway.
    As far as the characters there will be a lot of creative license used to the characters I will be using. A lot more modern and left of center if you know what I mean. A little adult and a lot dark!
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  5. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    Oh thanks for the thread Rae. Gotta go back in and see why it does not call me back!
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  6. JOdel

    JOdel Extraordinary HW Honey Bear

    Quite a few of Neill's Totos have floppy spaniel ears. I would imagine that if you have the full MilDog with its morphs (rather than the LE edition) you could probably do a dial spin and scale it down to whatever size you want it. There is a free LAMH preset for the MilDog up at AM's website, and that would work on any of the dial-spins that you come up with. Maybe not so much for a *long*-haired dog. But at least a fuzzy one.

    I looked over on ShareCG earlier when I was looking for the Boston Terrier, and see that someone has a basset hound morph for the MilDog. It's not the feisty sort of image that one tends to get from Toto's general behavior, but bassets are a rather comforting-looking sort of dog. And in a pinch they would make a good stand in for a bolster. (They aren't small, however. And Toto is described as a small dog.)
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  7. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    This is the Toto I am looking for. The only one I have ever seen or known to exist in the Movie and any subsequent illustrated stories or children's books I have seen. I know it has hair but if it is decently mapped flat I can paint out the rough fur in post.
    The little dog I saw years ago which I was stupid enough to NOT pick up looked like this....well....sorta. It was small and the artist had morphed its body into upstanding peaks so if textured would have come close to looking like this....I guess. But I missed it. :(
    This is the guy on Adam Thwait's site I would get if it was poseable instead of a prefixed space filler.
    Hrm...soooo close and yet soooo far away! :(

    toto dog.jpg
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  8. Rae134

    Rae134 Renowned CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    There are LAMH presets for the Mil Dog and Pup which might help
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  9. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    btw I'm not working in D/S but Poser....in case you didn't know dear.
  10. Rae134

    Rae134 Renowned CV-BEE Contributing Artist

    ahh sorry, LAMH (Look At My Hair is for Daz).
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  11. raven

    raven Member

    You could always use the Poser hair room :) Not Toto I know, but just an example using the Mil Dog to show that the hair room is capable.

    hair room dog.jpg
  12. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    that is nice. more hair on head and longer roughed up more and I would love this as a real good approximation of Toto!. Wish I knew how to use thevhair room....and face room......and cloth room.....and morph brush.....and......!
    Tried several times since P4 to use more advanced features in the app but failed miserably. No focus. No retention. No follow through ability. No joy. No advancement in my abilities to bring my images to next levels of quality through growth. :(
  13. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    Hey Chris will be seeing any good morphs with the wolf that will bring us functions like this kind of snarl?

    wolf snarl.jpg
  14. RAMWolff

    RAMWolff Wolff Playing with Beez! Contributing Artist

    Great photo! WOW
  15. Freyfaxi

    Freyfaxi Adventurous

    That sure looks like one P'd off wolf ! :) " I keep telling those damned wildlife photographers ! This is my bad side ! " :)
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  16. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    I do relate! :(
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  17. Sparky

    Sparky Monster Maker Contributing Artist


    I had a bit of a play. To get something just like the reference image there, I think one would need to use HD/Sub-D morphs. Something I've had an inclination to experiment with for a long time, so maybe I'll have a go at that in the future.
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  18. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Staff Member Co-Founder

    Yeah, but how cool is this Sparky? Very much digging what you have going on here.

    I need to refine the morphs on our Wolf a bit too. But this is sure fun to see.
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  19. carmen indorato

    carmen indorato Extraordinary

    Agreed. More expressions available for this the better.
  20. Ken Gilliland

    Ken Gilliland Extraordinary HW3D Exclusive Artist

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