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HiveWire 3D "Jungle Love!" Rendering Challenge


Just to be safe, withdrew it and will re-submit making doubly sure all the fields are properly filled out. Sorry for the inconvenience :x3::(

Seems that particular submission was for the monthly Gallery instead of the Jungle Love contest! Good thing I withdrew it and re-submitted it to the right place :eek:

Also explains why the "First Name" "Last Name" fields weren't present :whistling: :x3:


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Thanks everyone for your support and participation in this contest. We'll be judging this upcoming week and posting the winning entries by the 10th.

Good luck to you all. Such talent on display. As one of the judges, I look forward to sorting thru them all, and dissecting the pieces.

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Everything with a Submission Date before October 1 has been added to the Gallery.

There were a couple duplicates, which in that case, the later submission was put in the Gallery.


Hi Everyone! I'm new to the Hivewire forums & contests. I submitted an entry as a "draft" before the deadline, but didn't get a final render complete in the time allowed. Will my draft be used as my entry? I'm hoping so! Thx & Best Wishes!


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Congrats to all who entered...I also don't envy the judges! Welcome to the Hive cwm3D...I'm not sure of the answer to that but I'm sure Satira or someone who knows will answer as soon as they see your question.


Thanks Pendraia & Miss B! Looking forward to this fantastic community! :) Hopefully, my draft makes it into the contest. I wasn't sure how the system was setup, and was rendering a better update. (You know how that goes! :D) Thx & Best Wishes, Chris W. Morris


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We are thrilled with the participation in this contest. With so many great images, your creativity is inspiring to say the least. Thank you to all who entered, thank you to our sponsors for their generosity and thank you to our judges who definitely had a tough job to do!

And the winners are ...

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to everyone! :)


Busy Bee
Congratulations to EVERYONE for the awesome artwork that was uploaded for this contest!!!! Thank you so much for selecting my artwork "The Beauty of Innocence" for the second place! "Nana Nana Boo Boo" was definitely my all-time favorite as well, congratulations @azoohouse for an awesome image!


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I wholeheartedly second the option of Lisa B. So much good quality artwork that was submitted.

Very impressive indeed! I loved checking the submissions daily to see what was coming in, even up to the last couple of hours on the last day, quality work was still being submitted. It was a pleasure to be a part of the judging panel, and took some serious effort to whittle it down to the top seven. Even beyond the seven there are so many compelling images that were created. We do thank you all for digging deep to make it hard on the judges. Just awesome work everyone!

It's been such a fun ride to see what people create using a product that I was able to model.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Congratulations to everyone, not just the winners. I can't remember when I saw such a wonderful collection of renders for a themed render challenge.

Oh and congrats to the judges, as I wouldn't have wanted to be on the judging end of THIS challenge.


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Awesome images everyone!!! I know the judges had a time of it for sure!!

They were all fabulous in my opinion!! Lots of exceptionally talented individuals and superb quality work!!

Don't forget to also check out the
Creatures of the Night Challenge !

I hope to see your entries there!!
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