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Free Complete Dawn Character :poser:


Since we are waiting for Dawn 2.0 I created a free character for Dawn 1.

I will be packing her up later today or tomorrow. And then set up a link where you can download her.

I will include everything, textures, and morphs ( close eyes).

I won't include any shaders, and also no mat files. I am not yet confident in poser to create those.

I will include the basic maps, like diffuse, specular maps, bump maps and transparancy maps.

Hopefully you will like her as much as I do.



Thanks for sharing Aylaaenas!

BTW mats are as easy as poses. With your figure selected, click the "materials" tab on the library (looks like a painter's palette). Click on the folder you want to use, or create one with the folder button at the bottom. Then, click the "+" icon next to it. In the little popup window, type the name for the mat file, click "material collection", and OK. The "single material" option is for generic shaders like glass or marble.


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Nice! Is she the same as in your avatar? She reminds me of Piper from the Netflix Orange is the New Black.

You can also post the link here Character Morphs & Textures. There are controls for linking to an external file.


Lisa, thank you for the information. Yes she is the same figure as my avatar. I know the actress but no she is not modeled after her, just a coincedence lol. When and if i remodel her for the second generation, she will be much better, quads morph so much better, that she'd probably improve, cannot wait.