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Editing a scene file outside of Poser?

Discussion in 'The Meadow' started by TaishoBee, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. HaiGan

    HaiGan Engaged Contributing Artist

    Oooh, yes, DSON may be different, and I don't use it so I'm out of suggestions on that part, sorry.
  2. English Bob

    English Bob Adventurous

    No worries, I made an example scene to illustrate the procedure. Screenshots to follow.
  3. English Bob

    English Bob Adventurous

    I made a simple scene with G3F and two copies of the Toulouse Hair (my Genesis library isn't very extensive!) Hopefully it will be close enough to give you some pointers.

    Here's the section where the hair appears for the first time. I've chosen to delete the first instance of the hair, so here I selected all the lines in this section which apply to the hair. I do this PFE-style by holding the shift key and "wiping" the mouse over those diamond shapes which appear at the left hand end of the lines. You can see the ones I've selected now have a dot in them.

    The section above the hair is Genesis 3 herself, and the section below is the second instance of the hair. We want to be careful not to select any of that - you can see I started on the figureResFile line of the first hair instance, and stopped at the last actor line in that section before the next figureResFile line.

    You are doing this on a copy of the file, right? :) I don't know if this is going to break something...

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  4. English Bob

    English Bob Adventurous

    Now to delete those lines, go to PFE's Selection menu and choose Delete.

    Now I've scrolled down the file and found the part where the figureResFile lines repeat themselves. I only have three figures in my file, you've probably got a lot more relating to clothing, scenery and props.

    Once again, I've selected the lines belonging to the first instance of the hair only. I don't know what Poser will do if you mix and match, but it usually finds some way to get its revenge!

    This looks very similar to the first screen shot, but note that there's a figure line after all the actor lines; make sure to include this in your selection.

    Then delete as before.

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  5. English Bob

    English Bob Adventurous

    Now save the file, and open it up in Poser to check. It worked for me, but I'm still trying to get to grips with G3 in Poser so I may have missed some subtle thing. Let me know how you get on!
  6. TaishoBee

    TaishoBee Adventurous

    Okay I did all of that, but it's like it isn't saving what I've done, it's getting frustrating. :( Would you be willing to look at it for me?

    I've tried both the button for saving and from the file menu. Yes this is a copy :)
  7. English Bob

    English Bob Adventurous

    It can take some time to save if the file is large, and/or if your disk is slow; there's a percentage indicator in the bottom bar of the PFE window.

    Can you give any more detail about it not saving? When you've finished, is there a PZ3 file with the current time and date on it, and is it a similar size to your backup copy? PFE should also create its own backup of the file.

    If all else fails I can have a look, although you shouldn't really send me any copyright stuff.
  8. TaishoBee

    TaishoBee Adventurous

    Okay, the file does have the right date/time but it's no smaller. I don't see any backups, where does the program save them?
  9. TaishoBee

    TaishoBee Adventurous

    Okay it saved this time, is 398 mb but has the same problem when I try to open it in Poser. I'm PMing you a link to my files, the backup of the original, and the one I altered.

    Here are my laptop specs:

    specs.png specs2.png specs3.png
  10. English Bob

    English Bob Adventurous

    We seem to have it sorted out now, so with @TaishoBee's permission I'm going to summarise what I did in case it's useful to someone else in the future.

    I don't own the hair that TaishoBee was trying to delete, and I wasn't aware that it has several parts which conform separately, and can be mixed and matched as required. In other words, my instructions were understandably incomplete, and although TaishoBee did the edits perfectly, she didn't do enough of them, and some parts of the hair remained. That was easy enough to fix.

    When I was looking through the files, I noticed something suspicious. The beginning of a PZ3 looks like this - there's a section that defines the UNIVERSE actor and the ground, followed by lights and cameras.


    However I found another section buried within the figure definitions which sorta kinda replicates that block:


    That shouldn't be there, so I took a chance and deleted that too; and the result was successful.

    That spurious section was in the original file which was giving trouble, even before any editing had been done. I had made a comment to TaishoBee that 16GB of memory on her laptop should be more than enough for a scene this size. I suspect that this corruption had happened at some earlier stage, and it was this that was responsible for the problems and not the hair as such. We'll probably never know. Anyway, we'll see how the scene turns out, fingers crossed!

    I recommended that TaishoBee retain a backup copy of the scene file at this stage, so she can backtrack if anything goes wrong later on. If there's one piece of advice that anybody can take away from this thread, it's this: keep snapshots of various stages in your project. Give them version numbers so you can go back to an earlier, happier time if something goes wrong; or even if you simply change your mind. :)
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  11. TaishoBee

    TaishoBee Adventurous

    He helped me save my scene, and I'm so happy! This is a preview of it!!

    What If Feb2019 WIP.jpg
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  12. HaiGan

    HaiGan Engaged Contributing Artist

  13. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    Looking good TaishoBee. :)
  14. TaishoBee

    TaishoBee Adventurous

    Thanks so much!! I'll post the finished version then. It's Bee, her mommy and daddy ^^
  15. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I thought she looked familiar. ;)
  16. TaishoBee

    TaishoBee Adventurous

    :p She's my baby :)

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