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Dusk Special Edition Is Now Here!!

Discussion in 'Show Me The Honey' started by Chris, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Virtual_World

    Virtual_World Enthusiast Contributing Artist

    Love the new face and body of Dusk Special Edition! Thanks to Chris and Lisa for including me in this project!

    I look forward to seeing the images that all of this talented group of artists are going to produce after acquiring this valuable product!
  2. Rick

    Rick Admirable

    Great to see you to Lorraine! :) Have a great weekend!
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  3. Rick

    Rick Admirable

    Great to see you to Richard!! :)
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  4. Rick

    Rick Admirable

    Wow so much awesomeness!!! Virtual World did a lot of absolutely amazing work on his textures! :) Really looking forward to him!
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  5. Rick

    Rick Admirable

    Hi Pen! its great to see you to!! :)
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  6. Mythocentric

    Mythocentric Extraordinary

    "Hello? Bank manager? Well! It's like this. Hivewire3D have a new Dusk SE coming out any day now and I'm going to buy it for sure, so no arguements from you. Right! Otherwise I'll be sending the Grandaughters round again and you know what happened last time! Have a nice day and I hope your nerves get better real soon! By-eee!" :eek:
  7. Digitell

    Digitell Enthusiast

    This is such a wonderful looking Dusk! Virtual Worlds does beautiful work on skin textures. As soon as Dawn SE came out I bought her immediately ..such a gorgeous character. I will do the same when Dusk SE is released! Fantastic job on the new figure shape too! Great job to all who made this new guy! Awesome!
  8. Chris

    Chris HW3D President Co-Founder

    We're very fortunate to once again have your involvement with your wonderful map work and product imagery. You're so very talented, and we appreciate what you've done for Dusk SE!!

    Beautiful icing!!
  9. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Congrats to everyone involved but especially Chris, Virtual World and Paul...you do great work! Dusk SE is just gorgeous!
  10. Nod

    Nod Eager

    While it's all well and good to spin dials, as with morphs, they can only do so much though, and I wasn't overly impressed with the morphs that I do have - apart from the vampire which is amazing. I'm just saying that it would be nice if his face had a bit more detail. I said the same on Facebook. (I won't name names, but it was implied that I was a liar and didn't own Dusk, or any morphs at all!) But there you go.
    The body is fine, but the face still has the same mannequin look about it. I think the irises might be a smidge too big as well. But this is constructive criticism, and that's just for the face.
    He actually looks a bit like Andy Burnham MP, only with more personality. :laugh:
  11. Nod

    Nod Eager

    I did start on doing a Dusk character. But I tend to bounce off onto other things. :p

    Bawchops.png :cool:
  12. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I like what I'm seeing so far Nod.
  13. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    I like what I'm seeing too Nod...I'm wandering which morph packs you have...I thought I'd seen a morph for his iris size but maybe I'm wrong or it's in one of the additional morph packs.

    Just checked and I do have an iris size morph...it may take me a while to check which pack it came with though...I let you know.
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  14. Pendraia

    Pendraia Seasoned Contributing Artist

    Okay, it was quicker than I thought and looks to be in the starter pack.

    Do you have a search function in poser to find different parameter dials? It should be under Head/Eyes
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  15. Virtual_World

    Virtual_World Enthusiast Contributing Artist

    :love:Thanks to all for your comments about the textures! I am very happy that you liked what you have seen so far and I think you are also going to like the features that you haven't seen yet, as the face with the facial hair.:whistling:
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  16. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I think he looks younger, and that is a good thing in my opinion, the new mats really help with that as well. Old Dusk looked 30's to me, while new Dusk looks 20's. Which is good, because with having Old Dusk in the morphs, you can go from younger to older without any new morphs, just changing the skins.
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  17. Glitterati3D

    Glitterati3D Dances with Bees

    Was working on hair fits from some M4 hairs for Dusk. FL's Alaric2 in P11 Superfy
    Dusk Alaric.jpg
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  18. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Would love to get some more hair fits! I have a really hard time, even with parenting to get the hair to move when posing Dusk or Dawn. I know I'm doing something wrong, but the fits really help. The clones are wonderful for fitting clothes, now, though!
  19. RAMWolff

    RAMWolff Wolff Playing with Beez! Contributing Artist

    If your in DS just parent the hair to the Head and the hair should follow perfectly. To manually parent just expand the character (Dusk or Dawn) to the head and then drag the hair prop up to the Head and your done. Should follow perfectly.
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  20. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Dakorillon (IMArts) Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    I do that, and the hair jumps all over the place (usually embedding into the head) and then won't adjust or move.

    Okay, a few hairs work like you said, but most of them don't, for me.

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