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DreamWeaver Design's Products at HiveWire 3D


Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
Paddock poses give you the every day antics of horses captured and ready to bring life to your renders, be it the stable yard, the paddock, or out in the wild.

15 individual and 11 opposites not true mirrors for more variety plus two Mane Fix poses and two Zeroing poses giving you a total of 26 poses.

Poses should work with all breed morphs but may need some tweeking on the more extreme ones such as the Beast and the Shetland Pony.



Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
Some thing new and a bit different tis time for you all :D
Dark Magic for BoneZ

Take your Big Cat Skeleton from the Museum to the Necromancers lair with this add on set of props and textures. Compatible with Poser only


Yes it is only for Poser at the moment but there are plans for a DS version too, particularly if there is enough interest ;)
Have fun guys and I'd love to see what you come up with:)


HW Honey Bear
FYI I just settled down to INSTALLING before I get buried under an avalanche of zips.... and I'm sure that your "Paddock Poses" don't require the Gazebo... giggle! yes... I read the readme's~ :)